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{{Cite complex}} cites a complex work where multiple authors are cited within specific sections of a work. It builds on our {{Cite book}} template, which is based on the Wikipedia Cite book template and initially taken with permission from the Forgotten Realms Wiki.

Use this template to cite an article within a multi-author, multi-article work, such as a Pathfinder Adventure Path.


{{Cite complex
| author    = 
| year      = 
| title     = 
| pages     = {{{1|}}}
| display   = {{{2|}}}
| publisher = 
| isbn      = 

| article1 = 
| author1  = 
| page1    = 


| article14 = 
| author14  = 
| page14    = 

| page15    = 

The pages, year, ISBN, and articlen, authorn, and pagen parameters are optional. All other parameters are required and cannot be left out. You can include wiki links in any appropriate parameters except the ISBN.

In most cases, you'll also want to categorize the subtemplate, sorting by the book's title. For example:

<noinclude>[[Category:Citation templates|Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide]]</noinclude>

When citing a source with several authors, particularly six or more authors, list only the first author followed by et al.

Do not use Paizo Inc. for books published by Paizo, as it results in an extraneous period. Use Paizo Inc instead.

Creating article/chapter/section citations

You can create up to 15 sections in a {{Cite complex}} template. Enter the article, chapter, or section title in the section's articlen parameter, its author or authors as wikitext in its authorn parameter, and its starting page number in its pagen parameter.

Each of these section parameters are optional. The template does not display an article title if articlen is omitted, the author parameter is displayed if the section's authorn parameter is omitted, and the section cannot be directly referenced if its pagen parameter is omitted.

For the final section to render properly, add one additional section than is necessary and include only the pagen parameter.

See also

For further usage information, including how to use a citation template based on {{Cite complex}} in an article, refer to {{Cite book/doc}} and Help:Citing sources.


<includeonly>{{Cite complex
| author    = [[Crystal Frasier]], ''et al''
| year      = 2015
| title     = [[The Divinity Drive]]
| pages     = {{{1|}}}
| display   = {{{2|}}}
| publisher = [[Paizo Inc]]
| isbn      = 978-1-60125-724-6

| article1 = Foreword: "Secrets of Silver Mount"
| author1  = [[James Jacobs]]
| page1    = 2

| article2 = The Divinity Drive
| author2  = [[Crystal Frasier]]
| page2    = 6

| article3 = NPC Gallery
| author3  = [[Crystal Frasier]]
| page3    = 56

| article4 = Iron Gods Treasures
| author4  = [[Crystal Frasier]]
| page4    = 60

| article5 = Continuing the Campaign
| author5  = [[Adam Daigle]] and [[James Jacobs]]
| page5    = 62

| article6 = Ecology of the Robot
| author6  = [[Greg A. Vaughan]]
| page6    = 68

| article7 = Pathfinder's Journal: Whispers in the Wastelands 6 of 6
| author7  = [[Amber E. Scott]]
| page7    = 74

| article8 = Bestiary
| author8  = [[Adam Daigle]], [[Crystal Frasier]], [[Thurston Hillman]], and [[Will McCardell]]
| page8    = 80

| article9 = Preview
| page9    = 92

| page10   = 97
{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive}}

{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive|4|4-5}}

{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive|6|6-55}}

{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive|56|56-59}}

{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive|60|60-61}}

{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive|62|62-67}}

{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive|68|68-73}}

{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive|74|74-79}}

{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive|80|80-91}}

{{Cite book/The Divinity Drive|92|92-96}}

[[Category:Citation templates|Divinity Drive]]</noinclude>