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{{Incorporates CUP}} is a copyright template for media that depicts content copyrighted by Paizo Inc. but allowed through the Community Use Policy (CUP). Specifically, per the CUP:

You may descriptively reference trademarks, proper names (characters, deities, artifacts, places, etc.), locations and characters from products listed in Section 1 of our Community Use Approved Product List at, provided it is clear that these are our marks.

This template also covers the use of CUP-licensed media, such as Community Use Package assets, that are incorporated into other media in a manner compliant with the CUP.

Media that uses this template but does not comply with the CUP (for instance, by depicting content from works not listed in Section 1 of the approved products list) might be deleted without warning, because hosting such media on PathfinderWiki could represent copyright infringement. If you have doubts about a piece of media's CUP compliance, ask an wiki administrator, in our forums, or on the Paizo Community Use Projects messageboard.

For more information about copyrights on PathfinderWiki, see our Help pages on image copyrights.



The template takes two required, unnamed arguments in this order:

released by
Identifies who provided permission to use the media on PathfinderWiki.
copyright owner
Identifies who owns the copyright on the media. In many cases, this is the same as whoever provided permission.


{{Incorporates CUP|[[User:Narolas]]|Narolas}}