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{| class="tantable pfw-policy"
{| class="tantable {{{class|pfw-policy}}}"
| {{{image|[[File:Information icon.jpg|64px]]}}}
| {{{image|[[File:Information icon.jpg|64px]]}}}

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Information icon.svg

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


{{Notice}} creates a notice box for display at the top of a page.


| class      = 
| style      = 
| image      = 
| headline   = 
| text       = 
| categories = 
class (optional)
A list of space-delimited CSS classes to apply to the box. The default is tantable pfw-policy.
style (optional)
A list of semicolon-delimited CSS styles to apply to the box.
image (optional)
A file link to an image, such as [[File:Purple question mark.svg|30px]]. The default image is a 75-pixel blue circle with an information-symbol i.
headline (optional)
A heading for the box, formatted as bold wikitext. The default is blank.
text (optional)
The notice's body text. The default is blank.
categories (optional)
A list of categories to associate with the box, such as [[Category:categoryName]]. The default is blank.

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