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* [[House of the Immortal Son]]
* [[House of the Immortal Son]]
* [[Imperial Palace]]
* [[Imperial Palace]]
* [[Staggering Skald]]
     | group7 = [[Jadrishar Island]]
     | group7 = [[Jadrishar Island]]

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
See Help:Navboxes for more information about using navboxes in articles.

{{Oppara navbox}} details the capital city of Oppara in Taldor.

Expansion targets

  • {{Oppara navbox|inh}} → Notable Inhabitants (Living & Dead)
  • {{Oppara navbox|org}} → Families, Organizations & Businesses
  • {{Oppara navbox|loc}} → City Districts and Locations of Importance
  • {{Oppara navbox|roads}} → Canals, Roads & Bridges
  • {{Oppara navbox|geo}} → Geography