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Template:See also/doc

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This template is used to link articles containing further information of the subject at hand. Up to 15 links are possible. Each link may have a label to change the displayed text, identified as l1 through l15.


Example with one parameter

{{See also|Absalom}}

See also: Absalom
Example with multiple parameters

{{See also|Aroden|Earthfall|Absalom|Iomedae}}

See also: Aroden, Earthfall, Absalom, and Iomedae
Example of linking a category

{{See also|Category:Authors}}

See also: Category:Authors
Example of using labels

{{See also|Aroden|l1=The Last Azlanti|Earthfall|Absalom|l3=City at the Center of the World|Iomedae}}

See also: The Last Azlanti, Earthfall, City at the Center of the World, and Iomedae

Note that while the labels can be specified anywhere and in any order, a certain clarity is achieved if they immediately follow the term they will be linking to.