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The Tome of Horrors

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The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world.This article covers a non-canon source.
The Tome of Horrors
The Tome of Horrors
Publisher's product page
Author(s) Scott Greene and Clark Peterson
Publisher Necromancer Games
Price PDF: $29.95
Released January 2002
Type Sourcebook
Binding Hardcover
Pages 328 pages
isbn ISBN 1-58846-112-2
Rules set OGL
Artwork from The Tome of Horrors
Disappointed that your favorite First Edition monsters didn't make it into the official rulebooks? Contained herein are all the classic monsters you've longed for, plus a whole bunch more! Restore the 'First Edition Feel' to your game with this manual of monsters both malevolent and benign! Tome of Horrors contains over 400 monsters, from the aerial servant and the lurker above to the shadow demon and the skeleton warrior - and even the Demon Lord Orcus himself! Necromancer Games worked closely with Wizards of the Coast so that these creatures do not overlap with official Third Edition books. You won't find any of the monsters in this book in any official product![1]


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