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| image    = [[File:The Unseen Inclusion.jpg|250px|The Unseen Inclusion]]
| image    = [[File:The Unseen Inclusion.jpg|250px|The Unseen Inclusion]]
| website  =
| website  =
| title    = Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-04: ''The Unseen Inclusion''
| title    = Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-04: ''The Unseen Inclusion''
| author    = [[Mike Kimmel]]
| author    = [[Mike Kimmel]]

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Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-04: The Unseen Inclusion
The Unseen Inclusion
Author(s) Mike Kimmel
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price PDF: $4.99
Released September 27, 2017
Type Pathfinder Society scenario
Binding PDF
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Society
Season 9 scenarios
Follows On the Border of War
Precedes Call of the Copper Gate
Artwork from The Unseen Inclusion

The Unseen Inclusion, a Pathfinder Society scenario by Mike Kimmel for Tier 1-5, was released on September 27, 2017.

The Thuvian city of Merab has grown steadily over the past decade, and construction teams have uncovered numerous foundations and features dating back to Ancient Osirion and the Tekritanin League as they break ground for new buildings. Recently, workers accidentally unsealed a haunted ruin, out of which screamed a terrifying apparition. The Society has sent the PCs to investigate, not only to learn about the newly discovered ruin, but also to put this angry spirit to rest. In the process, the Pathfinders will uncover more than part of Thuvia's past; they'll unravel a dire secret that even now threatens one of the Society's closest allies.

Contents in The Unseen Inclusion also contribute directly to the ongoing storyline of the Scarab Sages faction.

Scenario overview

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • Location(s)
  • Thuvia
  • Merab
  • Faction(s)
  • Scarab Sages
  • Recurring characters, concepts, & locations

    The following characters, concepts, or locations can be found in this scenario, but also significantly appear in the publications listed below. Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenarios are listed first, followed by other product lines:

    Available resources

    The following Pathfinder Flip-Mat or Pathfinder Map Pack products are used in this scenario: