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Thistletop goblins

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Rise of the Runelords (Burnt Offerings)
Thistletop Goblins
Type Social
Leader Warchief Ripnugget
Headquarters Varisia
Structure Tribal
Members Goblins

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 19
The Thistletop goblins defend their lair.

The most powerful goblin tribe in western Varisia, the Thistletop goblins take their name from the ruins they call home, and which allows them to maintain their powerful position. Led by Warchief Ripnugget, the tribe has long held the island fortress of Thistletop and nearby forest of Nettlewood.[1] In 4707 AR, an aasimar cleric of Lamashtu named Nualia Tobyn united the four other local goblin tribes under the Thistletop tribe and plotted to invade and destroy the nearby town of Sandpoint. Unfortunately for the tribe and its leadership, their plans were foiled and their stronghold was raided by local adventurers.

Notable members


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