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Travelers Stop Inn

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Situated a short day's walk south of Olfden in west-central Andoran, the Travelers Stop Inn is a popular place to relax for those traveling to or from Darkmoon Vale and Arthfell Forest. The inn is the easiest place to find the sheriff of the Shire of Elberwick, Cage Blunnde. It is also the only safe place to spend a night between Olfden and Oregent, so it is frequently crowded.[1]


The inn is a well-built, two story building painted in cheerful colors which sits just off the road under the overhanging branches of the eastern edge of Arthfell Forest. The first floor contains the taproom and private quarters of the inn's owner, Ostler Merinwaite, while the second houses private rooms for paying guests and a common room for those who can't afford a dormitory of their own. The attic loft serves as living quarters for the staff who live on-site, though many live on their own nearby.[2][3]


The Travelers Stop Inn provides lodging for travelers, food and drink for the hungry and thirsty, and a common meeting place for caravans and merchants to peddle their wares between major settlements. Its proximity to Arthfell Forest means that meat and firewood are never in short supply, and its location on a busy roadway ensures that travelers can always find someone at the Inn who is offering something for sale or a show that is out of the ordinary. Rooms are available for those who can afford them, but straw tick pallets provide somewhere to sleep for those who do not mind sleeping on the floor of the common room on the second floor.[2][3]

Notable individuals

Ostler Merinwaite
Red-faced and bald, Ostler Merinwaite owns and operates the Travelers Stop Inn and can frequently be found behind the bar in the taproom.
Sheriff Cage Blunnde
Cage Blunnde is the sheriff of the Shire of Elberwick in central Andoran. As such, his jurisdiction includes the Travelers Stop Inn and he can frequently be found here, as it is both the most populated area in the Shire and the location of the most trouble.

Less notable individuals include Tab, the stable boy.[3]