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Umbral Court agent

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Umbral Court agent
(Prestige class)
Region Nidal
Races Any
Classes Spellcasters
Progression 10 levels

Source: Paths of Prestige, pg(s). 58-59

An Umbral Court agent enforces of the rule of Nidal's Umbral Court, whether by working openly, in secret, or undercover. All worship Zon-Kuthon, the patron god of Nidal.[1]

On Golarion

In Nidal

In their official standing, Umbral Court agents operate out of Ridwan or Pangolais. Most of these agents are tasked with maintaining the purity of Kuthite rule by eliminating inappropriate influences. Ambitious agents in Pangolais go so far as to become vampires or other forms of undead to increase their power.[1]


Agents who work abroad quietly or covertly seek positions of power in rival governments.[1]


Much like Nidalese shadowdancers, Umbral Court agents can harness and wield shadows and empower shadow-related spells. They also share (and are immune to) the kyton's unnerving gaze.

Umbral Court agents are skilled in the use of spiked chains as weapons.[1]

Notable agents

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