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Continuous projects:

  • Updating publication information on books as they're announced / released, as well as the release calendar page, as well as the "New This Month" page.
  • Pathfinder release calendar page

Current project:

  • Artists

Next projects

  • Figure out all the PACG authors and get them sorted as well

Finished Tasks

  • Updating credits lists for all authors on PFW as of 8/28/2021
  • Go around purging deadnames
  • Add Comics to fiction navbox / sort comics authors
  • Updating / crosslinking flip mats / map packs / flip tiles and PFS scenarios
  • Update release calendar to present
  • HTD series designation project

Things I've done outside of the Wiki that I keep updated

Things I can answer questions about

  • Personnel history
  • Finding Paizo blog citations