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Wayfinder (magazine)

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The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world.This article covers a non-canon source.
For another meaning of "Wayfinder", please see Wayfinder.
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Wayfinder is an unofficial Pathfinder fanzine conceived by Liz Courts and Hugo Solis, and now published by Tim Nightengale and Paizo Fans United. Each volume contains a variety of rules content, adventures, encounters, creatures, items, fiction, poetry, recipes, comics, and art contributed by members of the Pathfinder fan community. Submissions are solicited for each issue through an open call posted on the Community Use message board.

Wayfinder issues include fan-created, non-canon material set in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, with most issues since Wayfinder #3 themed to an area of Golarion; as such, it operates under the Community Use Policy and is distributed as a free PDF with some issues printed and distributed for free at PaizoCon. Advertisements and sales of printed back issues help cover the PaizoCon print run costs, but all Wayfinder content is required to be freely available under the Community Use Policy.

Canon content

Some Wayfinder content was canon when published or later canonized by Paizo. For example:


Wayfinder #1 (Osirion, Qadira, and Katapesh; 77 pages)
Wayfinder #1 cover

Released PaizoCon 2009 (print), June 2009 (PDF)

The debut issue of Wayfinder was nominated for an ENnie award in the Best Free Product category.[9]
Wayfinder #2 (82 pages)
Wayfinder #2 cover
Released February 2010 (PDF)
Wayfinder #3 (Absalom, 104 pages)
link= Wayfinder #3 cover
Released PaizoCon 2010 (print), July 2010 (PDF)
Wayfinder #4 (Mwangi Expanse, 88 pages)
Wayfinder #4 cover

Released March 2011 (PDF)

This issue contained several canon stories by Elaine Cunningham and Dave Gross which also appeared on as Pathfinder Tales web fiction installments. It was named to the 2011 ENnie Awards Judge's Spotlight.
Wayfinder #5 (Varisia, 79 pages)
Wayfinder #5 cover
Released PaizoCon 2011 (print), June 2011 (PDF)
Wayfinder #6 (Lands of the Linnorm Kings, 87 pages)
Wayfinder #6 cover
Released December 2011 (PDF)
Wayfinder #7 (Pathfinder's 5th anniversary, Darkmoon Vale, Korvosa, and Varisia; 94 pages)
Wayfinder #7 cover
Released PaizoCon 2012 (print), July 2012 (PDF)
Wayfinder #8 (Golarion's seas, 96 pages)
Wayfinder #8 cover

Released February 2013 (PDF), PaizoCon 2013 (print)

This issue won the 2013 Gold ENnie award for Best Free Product.[10]
Wayfinder #9 (The Darklands, 115 pages)
Wayfinder #9 cover

Released PaizoCon 2013 (print), July 2013 (PDF)

This issue introduced new regular features designed for use with the Pathfinder Beginner Box, including adventures, characters, and converted creatures.
Wayfinder #10 (Katapesh and Qadira, 99 pages)
Wayfinder #10 cover
Released February 2014 (PDF), PaizoCon 2014 (print)
Wayfinder #11 (Cheliax, 84 pages print, 102 pages PDF)
Wayfinder #11 cover

Released PaizoCon 2014 (print), July 2014 (PDF)

This issue's PDF included several additional articles, including themed printable item cards.
Wayfinder #12 (Osirion, 76 pages)
Wayfinder #12 cover
Released PaizoCon 2015 (print), January 6, 2015 (PDF)
Wayfinder #13 (Ustalav, 88 pages)
Wayfinder #13 cover
Released PaizoCon 2015 (print), May 2015 (PDF)
Wayfinder #14 (monsters, 80 pages)
Wayfinder #14 cover
Released November 30, 2015 (PDF)
Wayfinder #15 (River Kingdoms, 80 pages)
Wayfinder #15 cover
Released PaizoCon 2016 (print), May 27, 2016 (PDF)
Wayfinder #16 (Numeria, 72 pages)
Wayfinder #16 cover
Released January 13, 2017 (PDF)
Wayfinder #17 (Paizo Adventure Paths 2012-2016, 76 pages)
Wayfinder #17 cover
Released PaizoCon 2017 (print), May 26, 2017 (PDF)
Wayfinder Bestiary (collected creatures from past Wayfinder issues, 181 pages)
Wayfinder Bestiary cover

Released May 26, 2017 (PDF)

This issue collected monsters from previous Wayfinder issues with new and updated artwork, editing, and layout.
Wayfinder #18 (Fey and the First World)
Wayfinder #18 cover

Released May 25, 2018 (PDF)

After Wayfinder #18, the fanzine switched from publishing twice a year to annually at PaizoCon.

Future releases

Wayfinder #19
Starfinder (Absalom Station Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki.)

Expected May 2019

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