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Type Undead
CR 3
Environment Any
Images of wights

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 276

A wight is a corporeal undead created from the remains of a humanoid that has arisen from the dead through one of a number of causes:

  • the person faced a violent end;
  • their dead body was used to create a wight using necromantic magic;
  • the dead soul was a particularly nasty person in life;
  • the corpse was discovered by an evil spirit that was already undead and that spirit bonded with the corpse.[1]
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Different types of wight, exist including:[1]

On Golarion

Wights are counted amongst the lesser nobility of the undead-dominated nation of Geb.[2] A large group of them led by a daughter of Urgathoa named Illcayna Alonnor also reside in the ruined village of Finder's Gulch, located in the Menador Mountains of western Isger.[3]


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