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Worldheart is the core of Apostae, where artificial intelligences keep it running and inhabitable, and make decisions that keep it orbiting around the sun, and eventually to fulfil its primary mission, if it retains the ability to leave Golarion's solar system. None of this is known to the Ilee: great blast doors cover all sides of Worldheart, guarded by laser turrets and Ilee warriors who protect the sacred doors from any assault. While none of them actually understands Worldheart, the Ilee remember in their legends that it is the key to everything on Apostae. Most Ilee tribes believe in the prophecy of a Chosen One, who will one day open the way to the Worldheart, past its guardians, take control of Apostae, guide it to a safe, abundant place, and open the surface doors to give the Ilee a new life.[1]