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| author2    = Lone Shark Games
| author2    = Lone Shark Games
| publisher  = [[Paizo Inc.]]
| publisher  = [[Paizo Inc.]]
| pubcode    =  
| pubcode    = PZ06021
| price      = $19.99
| price      = $19.99
| expected    = February 2015
| expected    = February 2015

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The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world.
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game:
Character Add-On Deck
Author(s) Mike Selinker and Lone Shark Games
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price $19.99
Expected February 2015
Type Card Game
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-746-8
Rules set Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Series Wrath of the Righteous
Follows Wrath of the Righteous Base Set
Precedes Sword of Valor Adventure Deck
Artwork from Wrath of the Righteous Character Add-On Deck

Wrath of the Righteous Character Add-on Deck, a Pathfinder Adventure Card Game add-on set, is expected to be released in February 2015. This set serves as an add-on set for the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Card campaign.

This book has been announced but has not yet been released.
Product details such as release date, authors, cover art, and contents are subject to change.