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Wynsal Starborn

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Wynsal Starborn
Titles Primarch of Absalom (acting; ca. 4719 AR–)
Siege Lord (formerly; 4717 AR)
Captain of the First Guard (retired)

Source: Lost Omens World Guide, pg(s). 16, 18

Wynsal Starborn, Acting Primarch of Absalom as of 4719 AR and former Siege Lord and captain of the city's First Guard, is the caretaker in charge of the City at the Center of the World since the disappearance of Lord Gyr of House Gixx.[1]


Wysnal Starborn is dark-skinned with black hair and a small black beard.[2]


As Azlanti Keep representative

As of 4708 AR, Starborn had been retired as captain of the First Guard and held the Azlanti Keep district seat on the Grand Council.[3]

As Siege Lord

Starborn was named Siege Lord in 4717 AR by the High Council during the Fiendflesh Siege of Absalom,[2] wherein he released any of the city's slaves from servitude in exchange for their help in defense of the city, drawing the ire of the city's slavers.[4][5] He delegated the mandate's announcement to the Pathfinder Society.[4] The Grand Council subsequently ended the Flesh Tax and abolished slavery in the city.[5]

As Acting Primarch

Starborn has initiated expeditions into the Precipice Quarter to reclaim it from years of abandonment that had turned it into ruins overrun with crime and monsters.[1] This included suggesting to Ulthun II, the former Watcher-Lord of Lastwall with whom Starborn has also struck a friendship over their common military experience, that the remaining Shining Sentinels establish an embassy there.[6]