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Armun Kelisk

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Armun Kelisk
Nation Djinni Empire
Region Plane of Air
Size Metropolis
Population 6,100,000
Demographics 3,200,000 Djinn, 1,140,000 mephits, 620,000 air wysps, 543,000 air elementals, 525,000 sylphs, 26,000 gnomes, 10,000 invisible stalkers, 36,000 others
Government Overlord
Alignment Chaotic good
Ruler Sultan Zafer XXXVIII

Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 17-19

The city of Armun Kelisk is the political and religious capital of the Djinni Empire and of djinni society in the Plane of Air. It sprawls across seven stone, ice, and silver platforms, each miles across. Each platform is curved or cast to resemble the terrain of a terrestrial city of the Material Plane. The city configuration is a mutable thing, having occupied dozens of forms since its construction thousands of years ago. Trade and commerce takes place along the city fringes, with platforms for docking flying vessels and perches for flying mounts. Further in, are the djinn's palatial houses, forums, towering palaces of their nobility, and temples to various gods and ancestors. The great temple to Gozreh, the House of the Infinite Strata, is made from magically frozen and shaped storm clouds. The prominent structure in Armun Kelisk is the Sussurran Palace of Sultan Zafer XXXVIII, "Lord of the Heavens and All the Stars of the Mortal Void".[1]

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Paizo published a major article about Armun Kelisk in Planes of Power 17ff.

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