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Augur (kyton)

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An augur kyton.
Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar, kyton, lawful)
CR 2
Environment Any (Shadow Plane)
Images of augur kytons

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 171
This article covers the species of kyton. For the troll diviners, see augurs.

An augur is a type of kyton that hungers for flesh and viscera.[1]


Unlike other more humanoid kytons, augurs have been mutilated into a sphere of bloody flesh, leaving only a single eye exposed within a tangle of metal plate armor. Most are a foot in diameter and weigh 30 pounds.[1][2]


Augurs are stealthy and capable of magical flight, but also roll themselves around. Lacking limbs, they manipulate objects through magic. Their single eye's piercing gaze is especially unnerving.[1]


Like other kytons, augurs are native to the Shadow Plane. An experienced lawful evil spellcaster can also summon an augur as a familiar.[1][3] Some augurs even serve as apprentices to or students of mortals.[4]

Many augurs carved themselves into their orb-like shape, though some are the result of especially brutal punishments by other kytons against unwilling mortal sacrifices.[1]

Augurs lust for gore and are known to lose themselves when exposed to it, to such a point that it becomes a weakness that leads to their capture or destruction.[1] They view bloodletting as an artform to be appreciated and enjoy being offered freshly plucked eyeballs from living creatures.[5]

On Golarion

Joyful Things can summon an augur kyton per day,[6] and evil spellcasters—including followers of Zon-Kuthon[7] or divinities of Hell[8]—who can summon creatures can choose to summon an augur.

Augur kytons serve as sentinels at Edammera's Folly, a mysterious tower in western Nidal near the Usk River's fork.[9]

Known augurs