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Forum:"Hypothetical" Art Requests

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So, hypothetically, if you knew someone who could get specific artwork from Paizo's extensive back catalogue into the Paizo blog and thus onto the wiki, what pieces would you request? Which would be most useful for the wiki or the community as a whole? You know... hypothetically?
Hypothetically... as a monster guy, I'd say more "classic" monsters from the first Bestiary. Or just monsters in general. I like monsters.

Immediate thought is that I have already asked at Paizo for the runes that depict the planets that were published in Distant Worlds but not seen them enter the CUP. Not sure the blog would be the best place for them either but - you asked! I'll think some more though.

Further thoughts:

  • Maps, especially regional maps, so the Sandpoint Hinterlands, Magnimar Districts as a recent examples
  • Images of deities from the AP write ups / Gods and Magic
  • the panoramic art from the new style Player Companions
  • Images of key NPCs in the world from APs, etc.

NPCs: Particularly non-humans for races we don't have CUP pictures for yet, that way they can server as the picture for the NPC page and the race page.

Monsters: ones that are hard to describe in words (tentemort comes to mind)

Other: the knightly heritages, more art that shows a wide swath of a city (like the riddleport art or the varisia city of legends city arts we already have)
Oh wow... I would be over the moon if we could get a picture of a derro. I've been wanting to feature that article forever.

EDIT: Also... @Fleanetha, if I can find my broad-nibbed pen, I might be able to do up versions of the planet runes. Ping me in a few days to ask how it's going.

I've noticed that it seems a certain Paizo employee has been more prolific in his posting on the company blog and, surprise, surprise, there's always a few choice images included. I, for one, applaud his initiative (or the foresight of whomever directs his work to assign such tasty morsels to him)! Now I just need to get better at incorporating images into articles.
I'll be sure to pass that on to the Paizo blog writer in question. ;-)