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Let's celebrate hitting 12,007 pages - HUZZAH! (as we completely missed hitting 12,000). Well done to Oznogon and Branding for bringing us over that line.

I think 12,000 goes to Liberty District by Brandingopportunity!

Coincidently, we also got a nice mention on the Paizo Blog recently - it'd be good to preserve that so will add to News. Liberty District was 12 July so unlikely that one I think.

Then probably Aelyosos, also by Brandingopportunity?

Yay for us, whichever the one that brought us over the 12,000 threshold was! On a related note, we also passed my seven year anniversary of contributing to the wiki in late August or September (I forget when exactly it was). I first met Mark, er Yoda8myhead, in August of 2008 when I DM'd my first PFS scenario. He told me about the wiki, and it's been a long and bumpy road ever since!

Congratulations Brandingopportunity and I shall presume 'long and bumpy road' is code for your enjoyment of an exhilarating ride along the way.

Oznogon's modesty is noted but I do think he wins the crown for the 12,000th article and have recorded for posterity his Mirian Raas article as such in the PathfinderWiki:Current events section. But I'll record here how I worked it out as I'd hate to get this wrong. If you click on 'Recent changes', the very first link at the top of the page is 'New pages'. On the main page as I write, we have '12,020 articles since 2008' so Occultism is article number 12,020. Then I just counted back down that list; Aelyosos is 11,999th I believe. Please check!