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Not the catchiest of banners but, since the lovely update to our front page which makes me look at it a lot more often, I noticed we are now at 6,945 pages on the PathfinderWiki since 2008. We are also nearly at the end of 2012. I set a challenge! Let's exceed 7,000 articles on the wiki by 1st January 2013. Just 55 to do in 20 days - sounds eminently doable - fewer than three per day and User:FoiledAgain added ten since midnight today. I am pretty sure all meta pages (categories, etc.) do not count, so it's solid pages with Golarion info on them that work. Happy Christmas everyone.

Sounds eminently doable to me. Count me in.

I'm beginning to feel this was too easy as in two days the gap has more than halved! 26 to go.

Better to set attainable goals that get blown out of the water than unrealistic goals that stress everybody out and make it look like we can't do what we set out to do.

5 days gone and just 16 to go - that's nearly down to just one a day. Well done everyone so far.

Crikey! Just 3 to go: 6,997 - excellent work overnight chaps.

And here we are.

A souvenir of 2012 and well done to everyone:

  • A Gold Ennie
  • Thanks to the community
  • Attaining 7,000 pages
  • A brand new look to the front page

PathfinderWiki 2012 in a screenshot


Anybody up for 7100? We're oh so close, but I'm not sure I'll have time to get us there. Only 12 to go! (And I just realized I parroted Fleanetha's exact words in my earlier post to the thread; sure hope I'm not subconsciously doing that with the copyrighted material!)

Rah rah!

Let's go for 7,200! We still have 15 hours, Seattle time!
Only around 652 to go until we double what the wikia version of the project currently has!