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Inspired by FoiledAgain's point about the huge amount of activity lately post Paizo Con (look at today alone), I think we should set a target of '9,000 for 2014'. This is quite a push, but within the realms of doable with nearly six months' notice.

Do we know our rate of expansion since we started? We are now at nearly 7,800 'articles since 2008'. When in 2008 was the wiki started? We are at the half year point, so running at about 1,500 articles / year this year. If you started on 1 January 2008 (so 5½ years ago), the average rate is about 1,400 / year, so pretty consistent. We need 2,000 per year to make this target.

Who's game?

Well, there are 13,707 unique red links right now. We just need to find 1,170 (or 7/day) to turn into articles. As long as we don't just stub them to make the count, I'm up for it.

The wiki started in March 2008. I found the original post Alfred made on the Paizo boards when I did my entry in the Paizo 10th Anniversary retrospective blog. That would give you a more exact date.

As for the goal of 9,000 by 2014, I think it's not only a reachable goal, but one worth working toward. Let's also hold ourselves to the standard FoiledAgain mentioned, which is to make real meaningful articles. I'd rather us fall short of the goal but add a lot of real useful content to the site in the process than hit the goal but not hold ourselves to the standard of quality that's gotten us this far.

I agree that this is a worthwhile goal, as any goal that challenges one to push beyond the average is good, IMO. On the other hand, let's not poo-poo stub articles out of hand. I believe that sometimes a stub article can lead someone to want to expand it into a full article and provide a good foundation from which to start. Although well written, thoughtfully hyperlinked, informed, and timely articles should always stay our ultimate goal, EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. (sorry for the caps) I know I don't always have the time and energy to write the perfect article, but hey, I do have the time and focus to perhaps write three stubs, and something is always better than nothing. Not that I think you guys were starting a tirade against stub articles ... damn, I just countered my own argument.

Brandingopportunity - I truly mean just creating a page for the sake of creating a page to count the number. Someone shouldn't feel the need to complete a comprehensive article on a large subject all at once - that's what the collaborative and incremental nature of a wiki is for. Stubs have their place.

Having just created two articles over the weekend that were anything but comprehensive (Luma Derexhi and Salim Ghadafar), I also wasn't promoting the complete cessation of creating stubs. Rather, I hope that we don't put the number of articles on the site above our commitments to quality, and making sure that even stubs we create are useful and serve a purpose other than simply increasing our article count.
Mark's post actually alerted me to something: when you are using the mobile skin, it doesn't look like all of the red links are showing up as red (all links are a greenish hue) . Also, certain pages default to the mobile skin when you are not logged in, but accessing from a desktop; House Derexhi being one of them.... Once I logged in and refreshed the page it came back to the desktop skin.
Earl, that's something you should probably alert Aeakett to, as he's the one who's been handling our backend and css since the fork from Wikia.

Back from vacation and a huge amount of work done by many - brilliant. I also should note that this activity means we are now a little past 8,000 articles, so less than a thousand to go by 31st December. This challenge is really doable, albeit a stretch.

Some maths: from tomorrow there are 137 days left in 2013. As of now we have 8,041 articles, so 959 to do. Therefore, we need a rate of exactly 7 articles per day (isn't that weird, it's a whole number on such odd numbers?) That's doable!

8100, 25-Aug :)

Ευχαριστώ Δημήτρης

'On target' number for the end of August is 8,146 and we are tracking pretty much as needed to date.

Significantly ahead of target then at the start of 31st August - well done everyone. As of now we have 8,163 articles, so 837 to go to the target. From tomorrow, we have 122 editing days left. That is currently an average needed of 6.86 new articles / day. [Remember categories, redirects, admin pages do not count]. Since mid August we have been running at over 8 per day.

Monthly update here at the end of September (almost): 8,297 articles. That means in one month we have added 134 new articles to the Wiki, so just under 4½ per day. Very good but, unfortunately, below the average we needed for the 9,000 target. From tomorrow there remain 92 days to write and 703 articles to hit 9,000; we now need an average of 7.64 new articles / day. That's higher than before but still below the average that has been achieved for certain months this year: harder but still doable.

Wow, we also have 14,473 different red links (using the special:wanted pages) although a lot of those could be from the indexes.
Yeah, the Wanted Pages list is disheartening. Makes me sad every time I see it. Between that and Category:Pages that need to be updated, we should have plenty of articles that can fill our time and help with this goal. If we each commit to editing one article in need of updating and creating one new article from the articles needed list each day, we'll hit the goal in no time!

Half-monthly update as we get closer to the self-imposed, completely arbitrary, yet fun deadline: we have exceeded 8,400 pages, actually 8,405 as I write. Huzzah! That means a mere 595 new articles to go and, from tomorrow, 77 days to write. Our average needed is now 7.73 new articles each day to make our target. Bad news then is the average needed has gone up slightly; the amazingly good news is that in the first half of October we have nearly equalled the total for the whole of September - well done all!

Back from vacation and lots of progress made, so here is the end of October update albeit a little late. As we stand we have 8,476 articles so 524 articles to go. Plus 70 new articles have been added since mid-October. Including today, we have 57 writing days of the year left. That means our average daily workload has increased to 9.2. That is still doable but is getting harder; perhaps November's and December's Editing Days (making small presumption) should concentrate on red link destruction specifically?

Wow - 8,536 articles as I write, which means 60 new articles have been in the last week since my last update (!): we are averaging nearly 8.6 per day. Not bad at all.

Half month update, then, after a solid period of red link bashing: we now have 8,561 articles so 439 articles to go. Including today, we have 47 writing days of the year left. That means our average daily workload has increased just slightly from the 5th to 9.34, which pretty much means that, for the last 10 days, we have been hitting our target. Moreover, we have written 156 brand new articles in the last month since 15th October. Well done and onwards. We need an editing day.

Would you like to know my travel plans of the next few weeks so you can plan the editing day around when I'll be in the air?
Depends. Do you think you'd get more editing done in the air or on the ground?

PFWiki Day of Editing II has taken us to 8,649 meaning we need 351 and 2013 has, including today, 36 days left. Average per day needed to hit target is now: 9.75

It's been a great few days everyone: 8,772 pages now with 30 days to go....The average needed is down to 7.6 articles a day!

Indeed very impressive Cpt kirstov. I was beginning to wonder if we'd do it but the final straight is here and the race is still winnable. Huzzah! Well done and thanks to all our hard working authors. It has been quite a sight the last few days on the Recent Changes pages.

How are we shaping up one third of the way through December? A pretty busy month so far it seems. 8,841 articles but I see Brandingopportunity and Dmeta pounding their keyboards as I write - good work chaps. 21 days to go so our average is still down at 7.6 articles per day.

.. click click .. I cannot help you with the big articles but I will keep on working on the details.

8,900 has been achieved with House of Lords! Only a hundred more to go.
you beat me by 15 minutes.. Nice
Well, you can still beat me to 9,000 :)
As some of you have probably already figured out, I'm working to rid the wiki of the red links from the {{Magnimar navbox}}. While working on the project I came across Billiver Billivin. I think someone at Paizo had fun with him. I know I did, and I've never had to include so many categories on a single person.
It's awesome we went from wondering if we could do this to seeing who will be the one with the edit to hit it. I'll be on vacation starting Sunday, so I'm sure I'll have another productive burst just like over Thanksgiving.

This is stupendous but, regardless, I shall post my two-thirds-through-the-month update albeit a tad redundant now, as per FoiledAgain's eloquent comment above, the interest now is focusing on who shall hit the target rather than whether the target will be hit. Does this feel like a Kickstarter to any one else?! Perhaps we should evoke some stretch goals?

Anyway, including the rest of today, we have 11 days left of 2014 and 8,979 articles written. We need <splutter> 21 articles to hit our goal, meaning we have an average of 1.91 new articles to write per day. Need I point out this is somewhat lower than it has been of late? An outstanding 138 new articles have been written in the last 10 days - that could well be a record in and of itself.

As to Billiver Billivin, editors will not be surprised to find that, in my view, no page can have too many categories! Nice find Brandingopportunity.

I am aware I have been somewhat quiet of late and will soon rejoin the fray after a hard last week of work before my Christmas holidays which start today!

And we've made it! Congratulations to Dmeta for creating the 9000th article: Starwatch.
Congratulations to Dmeta for pushing us over the 9,000 unique articles mark with the page on Starwatch with nine days left to go before the deadline. Woohoo! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this worthwhile project, and of course to Fleanetha to getting it started in the first place. The PathfinderWiki remains a huge labor of love, and we have truly shown a lot of love over the past five months. Again, and I do not use all-caps lightly, CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!!!!!
Congratulations to everyone!

Imagine I am letting off a load of fireworks: Huzzah! Back in July I mentioned 'This is quite a push,...' to get to 9,000. We had fewer than 7,800 articles then, so over 1,200 brand new articles have been written since mid July. Well WE pushed, and WE made it, with quite a few days to spare. Especial congratulations to Dmeta for Starwatch and all the other articles he's penned lately: a worthy medal winner.

I might also remind everyone that at the start of the year we had about 7,000 articles, so we have added 2,000 articles to the wiki over 2013. That must be a record, as the average at the start of 2013 was about 1,400 articles per year. This is a huge step up, and so let us all take this as a huge Christmas present to ourselves. Merry Christmas one and all to a fabulous team!

We are 14 articles away from hitting 9,100 before the end of the year - just saying.

9100, ok. Happy new year!

Happy New Year Dmeta - bravo once more for hitting the target. Happy New Year to all our other contributors too.