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Check this out Ad free wikis for info on how to make our project ad free. I think it would help get more people to the site if they didn't have to either register or sift through pages of ads that mess up the formatting of every article. The $19.95/mo cost is the only thing I think we'd need to figure out how to manage. Perhaps there's a way to set up a "donations" link and cap allowed donations each month at our operating cost so we don't violate the CUP. Anyone have other suggestions?
How big a difference do you think it will make? I've read the announcement post, and it says that external ads would no longer be there. Do you think those ads are enough of a turn-off to drive people away? Have you heard or seen any comments?
I haven't heard much for some time (a few when we switched over to wikia and the ads started) but people do mention it occasionally. If you sign out and then navigate through several pages, you'll see what unregistered users see and I think you'll notice that it's a huge difference and really detracts from the site.
Wait, now I don't see any ads at all! But perhaps that is just a temporary wikia glitch.
Never mind, they are back now, and I see how annoying they can be.
Well, it looks like they are only taking the first 100 wikis, so by the time we get things sorted out it may be too late. And wow, that price is steep. However, it would be nice to be able to build a small reserve of cash for periodic operating costs like Wayfinder ads and contest prizes. As for the ads on our wiki... well, this isn't really the forum to say what I think the solution is, nor would my comments be particularly helpful. I've probably already said too much.
I don't know why this wouldn't be the place to discuss us having ads on this wiki. That's what I started the discussion for. Obviously, there are costs associated with hosting and maintaining a wiki like this, and thus wikia needs to get revenue somehow. While I don't necessarily like the idea of the users footing that bill, I would love to eliminate intrusive ads from the wiki, as I think that would make a much better navigational experience for unregistered users (who are, sadly, our largest group of users).

I will inquire of Vic Wertz or others at paizo two different options to see if they can work within the confines of the CUP: Setting up a donations account on paypal or one of the many fundraising sites online (like and use of affiliate accounts and linking to Paizo products there instead of directly to paizo. I'll report back and see what the official word is and am, of course, open to other avenues suggested by the community.

Response from Vic:
So long as visitors can still access all of the content without having to pay anything, 
and you make it clear that you are not using the content to generate income, it's ok.

Thus, it appears we'd be fine taking donations or doing amazon affiliate sales or something like that.

This is great news. Are we thinking a PayPal tip jar? I'm just wondering if wikia has anything about this in their TOS. Have we seen donate links on any other wikis? As for an Amazon affiliate link, I'm thinking we put it under the "Publisher's Product Page" link in the Book infobox. I think we should leave the link to the publisher (Paizo in most every case) intact... it just seems like the right thing to do.