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Anyone up to test this form-based page builder for books? If it works, it's feasible to build any infobox-driven page in a similar fashion.

Also check out Special:Drilldown/Book for some related new toys.

Those are both amazing tools. I especially love the drilldowns. It seems like those will be particularly helpful when trying to standardize terminology across a lot of different articles. What other templates are you thinking we could use those on?

We could use both the form-based article creator and data drilldown features on most of the pages built with infoboxes, but they'd be especially useful in data-heavy infoboxes and tempaltes. For instance, I added some of the data fields of the {{City}} infobox, and now we can get a bar chart of nations by population of documented settlements and a searchable, sortable table of settlements by nation and population.

Some other feasible examples: automatically building and updating the Pathfinder release calendar from the released and expected fields in infoboxes, or the Art index from badges, or product-line listings (such as Pathfinder Campaign Setting) from infobox data.

This is indeed part 2 of Forum:Making life simple and is even better than the article spawners. I would use this and find it very helpful if it were rolled out to more types of templates for page creation please and especially if it auto loaded via the Template:Article template toolbox.

I also like the bar charts - that's the sort of fun we could put on the front page as a DYK type of article, for instance. It also reminds me of the ill-fated User:Fleanetha/TimelineSandbox that I could never get to work but your graphs are much prettier for adopting to do timelines - would that be possible?