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According to MacMillan's product page for Lord of Runes, there will be an audio book version released concurrently with the book's print/digital publication. This brings up two possible courses of action that I can see regarding how we incorporate this into the existing product page, and I'd like to get community consensus before implementing anything.
  • First, we can simply add "Unabridged Digital Audio" to the bindings parameter of the {{book}} template. This addresses the additional format, but it does make me think we should either add a format parameter to cover print, eBook, and audio book, and leave binding for actual binding information of the print version. If we keep all the information about all formats in a single infobox, we should likely also add parameters for narrator and runtime as well.
One option is to add additional sections to the existing infobox, separated from the existing content with solid lines, for information on each specific format, so that we can list file formats for eBooks (PDF, mobi, ePub), include individual ISBNs, and other relevant information without it clogging the section that details shared information across all formats (author, title, series, release date, etc.).
  • The second option is to create a second infobox for audiobooks, perhaps even the same one we already use for the full-cast audios, and place it at the bottom of articles for which an audio component exists. This would be similar to how we handled the Spanish language translation of Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, with a nested, secondary product page following the primary one in the same article.

I see benefits to both options, and wanted to open it up for discussion, especially since there's been so much activity and productive collaboration regarding fiction indices in the last month or so.

Personally, I think that if audiobooks are something we expect to have happen with the future releases and not just with Lord of Runes, Then I think we should keep it in the existing infobox. We don't have a separate infobox for PDFs, so the precedent is to have one infobox to include all formats, I think we should continue that

Do we want to categorize by audiobook performer as we do in {{Audio}}, ie. the "Works starring" categories under Category:Works by actor?

I think that makes sense. I doubt we'll have any of the voice actors bridging both formats of audio, but using the established category structure makes more sense than having two parallel categories that are essentially the same thing.

Worth noting: while it'd be easy to add a parameter for formats, we already note a product's formats less directly in the Price parameter (ie. Print: $X.XX, PDF: $Y.YY).

I've added narrator and runtime parameters to {{Book}} for now, pending more discussion on additional parameters, categorization, and presentation.

Also added isbna to {{Book}} and {{Infobox}}. ISBN search links work for the retailers on the list that search audiobooks by ISBN (for now, just Amazon and