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Forum:Behavioural issues between logged out/logged in

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When I look at the Category of PFS scenarios in Absalom and am logged out, there are roughly 10 scenarios. When I log in and go back to the same page, the number doubles - not all of them are showing unless one is logged in. I've cleared my cache to try and fix this without success. Any idea what else might be going on? Can anyone reproduce?
Weird. I used to see similar behavior when we were on Wikia (primarily because I'd get logged out there without realizing it), but I am generally logged in now and thus never noticed it. I'll do some poking around, but this may be something Aeakett needs to look at on the database side.
I just went to the category while logged in, verified 21 articles contained within, and then logged out. It dropped to 13 articles. Then I purged the page by adding to the end of the url. That seemed to have fixed it. I don't know what the difference is between purging the page's cache from the server and doing it on one's own browser, but it seems there's at least a workaround.

Thanks Feegle for pointing it out. We have definitely seen this problem before and Aeakett has addressed it with some success. See Forum:Logging in and access. Sounds like it is back again.

When I get home from work tonight, I'll look into any scripts we can run periodically to purge category pages. If it could be an automated task that ran once a week, that would go a long way toward fixing the problem.
Hmm, I'm not too surprised this has broken. Have we had a bunch of new categories created in the past little while by any chance? I seem to recall that my quick fix would break if the number of categories exceeded n. At any rate, I'll have a look in the next couple of days.
Care to tell more about it? This is not really typical of MediaWiki.
Yeah, it's a totally wonky shell script. I forget the details, but when I get a chance to look I'll share the details if you like.
OK, this should be fixed now. As usual, if anybody notices any further problems, please let me know.