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I've been giving some thought to product pages, and I think it would be a lot less work for us to simply include the back cover text in large quotations as the body of product pages. Perhaps we could still include adventure summaries below that for adventures. In any case, right now we're pretty inconsistent on this, and as much as I like the table of contents for AP volumes, it's a ton of work and they make articles for other products look sort of wimpy in comparison. I've looked around, and most fan wikis use this tactic when dealing with novels and even sourcebooks for their given fandom.

Check out my sandbox to see what a product page could look like. I kept the contents section and adventure overview section because I think they provide valuable information, but they are pushed below the fold on the page because of the infobox and back cover text.

Take a look at some example of this on the Forgotten Realms Wiki here, here and here. Obviously our needs would be slightly different, as they don't really have any sourcebooks that I can find that have the same format as a volume of Pathfinder, but I like the look of the block quotes. We could even adopt the practice of including one or two sentences above that giving the title, author and release date of the book.

What do others think?