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I've been entering/updating the creatures from Isles of the Shackles, and have come across a seemingly new "Environment" category: Coastal. The book uses various ways in describe it, including "coastal", "coastlines", "coasts", and "coastal regions". There are enough creatures included in this book to necessitate a new category, IMO, as it does not fit into any other category. Note that it is a "land" category, as aquatic creatures in the book are given the "oceans" environment. What do others think?

As the person who tidied all these categories to keep it simple and in line with the Bestiaries, I am reluctant to see a new burgeoning of categories that are not standard. Have a look here for the discussion in which you contributed helpfully, Brandingopportunity: Forum:Category:Creatures by environment, including the final post there that specifically mentions removing coasts / coastlines. By the way, I do think Paizo uses 'coast', in some form, to indicate creatures that can swim as well, so I do not think it is exclusively a land category.


  • Paizo do use it a lot and it is difficult to determine what land form is on a particular coastline - it pretty much could be any of them
  • It was the hardest to get rid of last time
  • We have a precedent for bundled environments with 'Any' and 'Any land'
  • it is the most annoying to see as it is the most difficult terrain to categorize and things should be simple
  • Paizo use it across a number of books

So, I'd say you are right and this is a category that would be useful. For consistency, I'd offer Category:Any coastal environment creatures and ensure the text in the infobox, as normal, matches exactly the words used in the sourcebook. I've added that already but we can change if I missed anything.