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So here's a question:

When creating pages for creatures using the creature template, should the creature's type and subtypes be listed as simply [[Undead]] or [[Category:Undead]]?

EDIT:Also, should we winkilink the "Environment" entry in the creature template to correspond with the appropriate [[Category:]]?

Generally, linking to a category within the body of an article is poor form; if we link to something within the body of one of our pages, it needs to lead to another article. There are exceptions, but even then they should be denoted as such. Besides, for anyone interested in similar articles, the categories are already listed at the bottom of each page.
The exception to this rule would be when giving an overview of something, such as inhabitants of a region, and then referring to the category which contains specific articles of those inhabitants. Sometimes liking to a category page is tidier and easier to maintain than posting a laundry list of associated articles.