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So we've got a lot of changes on our plates and I think we should work on dividing up tasks to make the transition as smooth as possible. If we can really muster all our efforts to get this version of the project in much better shape than that version, we'll be in a good position to make this move as successful as we all want it to be.

I am going to focus on cleaning up templates, getting images all moved over, and looking into other features we may want to discuss from other projects. I'd like to have an admins' discussion either here or at a designated time either over skype or in a chat program regarding how we'll be taking care of some of the "real-world" issues like domain renewal, hosting costs. I can take care of getting word out from Paizo for people to change their links and bookmarks, but it might take time, and I think if we show that this page is really making new headway in areas we've meant to for a long time, people will naturally gravitate here over Wikia.

I've begun my task by updating the main page to include a basic news section that doesn't rely on news feeds or extra extensions. It's a page that anyone can edit using a simple template, both of which I took from Wowpedia. I'm going to work on documentation for the news feature's use tonight. Input or suggestions are appreciated.

In looking at other wikis, I've come to the conclusion that we need less text on our main page and more "buttons". By this I mean that we should link to the main portals not by simple links at the top of a mainly text-based page, but an array of small icons or images related to each one (like Wowpedia, again). I think adding something like this to increase the visible differences between the Wikia-hosted site, called PathfinderWiki, and this site, also called PathfinderWiki will be very important. We might even think of changing the site name at the other host. We're still admins there, and while the domain will remain, we can change the site's actual name to Golariapedia or something like that to differentiate it from this one. Anything to make it clear and unconfusing for people searching for "Pathfinder Wiki" on google.

As I come up with other changes, I'll be mentioning them here, and I hope we can have an active forum for a while as we test out new ideas and bounce things off one another. Let's try to keep each discussion separate, though, so we can stay focused on the many tasks at hand.

I am generally available to chat about the tasks that lie ahead. Just let me know, and I'll be there, whether it's over Skype or something else.
I'm going to put some thought into building and implementing a unified category structure. We currently have significant structural variation in even directly-related categories, and as has been pointed out there are a number of redlink categories that should be established and rolled into what is essentially an index for our project.

My goals include the establishment of subcategory use throughout the project, as well as eliminating connecting words, which make category titles long and are essentially unneeded. I also want all categories to back-link to a single parent category, Category:PathfinderWiki, and build a category structure for images that mirrors that for content articles themselves, and even links the two at relevant points. For example, a subcategory of Category:Varisians would be Category:Varisians/Images.

We should all probably return at least some of our attention to working on the CSII, and when World Guide, The Inner Sea releases a CSII2. We never did finish that undertaking, and though we all have other areas of the project we enjoy working on, completing the task of compiling that information into the project will go a long way toward making us stand above the Wikia fork.

I'm up for a round-table. Skype sounds good to me, real-time and not biased against those of us that can't type.
I forgot to mention that I, too, would be willing to make some time to discuss the project's future. I don't actively use Skype, but if I understand correctly it's a free chat interface?
Yes, Skype is free. Looks like it's also an option that everyone can work with. My Skype account name is alex_greenshields. Feel free to add me to your Contacts. So what time would work for everyone? Perhaps this weekend, Saturday or Sunday? I am busy Friday afternoon and evening, but either Sat or Sun would work for me. Both Yoda and I are on Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8). What time zone is everyone else?
I have a possible PFS game on Saturday, though the event organizer swears she has her bases covered and I may be free. But I can work around others' schedules. Heaven's Agent, when we get the bots up and running again (any luck on that front, Aeakett?) the script will really help with what you're trying to do. Not only could it chug away making changes while you do other things, but it also wouldn't clutter the RC page. I'm starting a new thread about bots and what we want them to do.
I'm not around this weekend, but as I havn't had too much time to contribute latly, I'm good with anything I'll work on finishing up the world chapter of the CSII when I get home, I agree we should have that done before the inner sea book(s) come out.
This weekend I'm available early Saturday and late Sunday, and am also located in the Pacific time zone.
If we're shooting for this weekend, and we're picking from HA's times, I'd prefer early Saturday. Other than that, I should be available pretty much all weekend. Also, most week nights are ok with me. FTR, I'm on Eastern time.
Can we make 10am Saturday work? That gives us a bit of time to discuss things before I need to head to the game store to do the PFS thing.
I'm in… 10am PST.
10 AM PST works for me as well.
Yeah, I'm not getting up at 7 my time to talk about the wiki.
I'll be there, if I can figure out how Skype works. ;D
I've started to list some agenda here. Add anything you think we should talk about. Also, add your skype handle so that we can make sure that we get the right person added to the call.
Do you guys have a transcript or notes on what the outcome of the call was? Just in case those of us who couldn't make it can toss some additional input if it seems needed?  :) Also, if people want to do these regularly I'm up for it, but unfortunately, I'm usually only available during the week (long distance relationship + PFS takes most of my weekends)
We unfortunately don't have a transcript, as we talked over Skype. If memory serves (and everyone who was on the call, please add to this) we discussed everything on the agenda. If you'd like a more detailed description, please feel free to contact me via Skype and I can fill you in there. It would take too long to write everything.
As to the last thing on the agenda, I already sent out links to the podcasts that have talked about us, asking for them to update their links, as well as any other links I could find on a 45 minute google search, per my offer in the other thread....
I sent out a bunch myself, so we should have all the major ones covered. Also, I've been checking in on the wikia site and letting people who are still contributing know on their talk pages that we have moved. We'll see if that gets me banned ;)