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Quick question: when citing books, how do I manage to get a sensible reference to the Inside Front or Back Covers please?
I'm not sure what your question is, Fleanetha. We've cited both inside the front and back cover tons of times. You can see one of my examples here: black pudding.
Take a look here: Bluering gecko and you'll see the problem I'm having; I reckon I have worded it the same as your example. I changed it from p97 which seemed to work, i.e., numbers seem fine, letters generate an error. I have noticed that some of the templates for books are capable of taking non-numbers and some are not, but do not know why this is the case. I can get away with, say, 15f. in some refs but not in others.
The reason it doesn't work is because of the tricky template used for Adventure Path books. We'll have to change the formatting of this template to make those work. In the meantime, can you draw up a list of articles in which you have used them? Thank you.
Also, what does the "f" in 15f stand for? It's not a citation method we use on the wiki (see Help:Citing sources), and one we should probably avoid unless there's a really good reason to include it.
That makes sense - often it's the AP books that have good stuff on the IFC & IBC, though and it is these that have caused me problems. This is the list you requested. I got around IFC with p0 and IBC with p97 so it looked nice and was sort of true. '0' and '97' will need replacing when the templates are corrected.
f. and ff. are abbreviations for folio indicating 'the following page' and 'the following pages', respectively. Please see wikipedia for more information. They are standard terms and very useful in this line of work.
I understand that "f." and "ff." might be useful, but since almost all citations are not formatted this way, I would suggest that we don't use them, and simply list the full page range for a given citation (e.g. 14-15, 14-17). It's more important to keep things consistent.

I think I got an answer to this problem, see here: Forum:Citing multiple pages The format required would be, according to yoda8myhead: {{Cite book/The Skinsaw Murders|97|Inside Back Cover}}, etc. It worked once so I'll eventually correct all the others I fudged using p0 and p97.

Note that you only have to do this with the Adventure Path books, because of the more complex citation template. The rest of the books, you can just use: {{Cite book/Taldor, Echoes of Glory|Inside back cover}}