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Vic mentioned on the boards the other day that an update to the Community Use Package is coming out soon. Just looked through what all's in there and I think you're going to like it. It will certainly let us add quite a bit more art to a great number of pages. Beyond that, however, my lips are sealed!
That's great news, Yoda. Do you know when that will be released?
Beyond that, however, my lips are sealed!
If its not there, can you quickly edit in the pictures from webfiction? :)
The update has been made. External linking breaks this template, but we now have updated and expanded community use packages (including just about every holy symbol ever, like for demon lords and archdevils!) as well as permission to use art from the web fiction. Check out the updated policy for the exact text, or Vic's post on the boards outlining just the new clauses.
This is great ... a lot of work for us, but great!
One thing we should be careful of is removing or completely replacing old CUP art with new versions. The revised policy allows us to keep using old art that has since been removed in existing locations, but won't allow it going forward, so we should keep old stuff around for posterity, since we can't add it again later.
A quick note... Since we pay for our bandwidth and image storage, I'd like to make a small suggestion to minimize costs. The new community use images are PNG files, which often can be stripped of unneeded internal information that can contribute to the files size, but does not affect the images themselves. There are utilities that easily strip PNG files down with a simple drag and drop. I recommend PngOptimizer for PC users and ImageOptim for the Mac crowd. Both are very simply installs. Both provide a window to drag and drop PNG files into that are them automatically optimized. In some cases the savings can be minimal, but in others the savings can be substantial (32% size reduction for the Razmir holy symbol in my quick trial). It probably won't make a huge difference, but it could add up to an extra cup of coffee over the course of a year (and I do love my coffee).
Once the new images are uploaded we'll probably want to start using them instead of the old ones (the new ones have fancy transparent backgrounds!). If we had a list of corresponding old/new filenames, we could feed that to a bot to do the replacements automatically... just saying.
Aeakett, would it be okay to convert the PNG images into JPG format? That would save a lot on the size as well. Is there a reason we might need to leave them as PNG? Thanks.
I see no reason that we need transparency, and other than that, what do PNGs provide that JPGs don't?
Huh, I hadn't thought of that. If we're OK being without the transparency, then converting to JPGs would probably be a big savings. Also, we could upload the files as new versions of old ones saving any work changing file names in pages. I guess my only caution would be to not over-compress the JPGs. A lot of software has a 1-100 quality scale when you save a JPG, and my personal experience is that setting it from 90-95 produces high-quality images while still giving good space savings (I usually just set it to 90 unless it looks really bad). Mac geeks can still run the resulting JPGs through the aforementioned ImageOptim to save a few bytes here and there.
OK, I'll copy the new images from the updated CUP packet (sounds a little dirty) to the wiki in jpg format. I'll only upload the ones that are new images; I won't copy over the original images, if the new ones are exactly the same, since that's basically a duplication of effort, and from what I've seen, the old images are actually a slightly higher resolution.
OK, updated the new deity images. I took a look at the new demon lord and archdevil images, and they look small enough that it might not be worth it to upload them as jpgs. What do you think?