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Random thought while I was updating the List of works article: Could/should we use something similar to Template:Compact ToC used in wikipedia? Any of the lists articles that sorts things by alphabetical order would benefit from it I think.. What do others think?

That would work nicely. I have added a {{TOCleft}} to better the presentation for you in the mean time. Any better?

{{TOCleft}} is likely to cause problems for folks viewing the article on mobile devices. I think we should port over the compact version, though I'd rather call it {{TOChorizontal}}, since that's more of what it's actually doing.

Really? That template is used a lot and I was not aware of templates causing issues on mobiles. Is there a list of such templates we should now avoid using? Looks like Cpt kirstov's solution here is definitely a good way forward. I could also use it for indices.

I'm guessing Yoda means that phones may only have 35 characters worth of space, and if the TOCLeft uses 30 of them due to large header titles you'll see this:

You'll see

the text


like this

on the


side from



Oznogon (talk) 01:43, 21 August 2014 (UTC)

I've got a proof-of-concept for the hlist template and CSS styles used by Wikipedia's Compact ToC at User:Oznogon/Template:hlist. It requires a new CSS class to work, but as a bonus it could potentially replace {{Dot}}/· in navbox lists.