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So I guess I'm still a little dense. It's literally been years since Fleanetha created our new category trees, but I've read them and can't figure out the answer to the following: Do you always include the parent category in a sub-category article? For instance, in the article for the city of Kintargo in Cheliax, I understand that you include the Cheliax/Settlements category (along with others), but do you also include the Cheliax category? Do you do this for Locations, Geography, and all the rest of the sub-categories of Cheliax? Please help!

Mere mortal, how can you be confused? Just read the Help pages.

Help:Writing an article about a person says under Categorization:

Be as specific as possible with this categorization, although this is not always straightforward. These categories are formatted with the name of the location first followed by "/Inhabitants". For example, if you know that a person lives in Sandpoint, use Category:Sandpoint/Inhabitants. There is no need to put the person in Category:Varisia/Inhabitants, unless you could only be as specific as this.

Help:Categories says:

Always put your article into the most specific category, then also into its parent categories up to an appropriate point. Note that this goes against Wikipedia convention, because we are a more specialized wiki and can provide extra usability for our readers.

For example, consider the article on Belor Hemlock. He is an inhabitant of Sandpoint so he should be in that particular inhabitants category. Because Sandpoint is in Varisia, he is also an inhabitant of Varisia, so he should be in that category too. Varisia is part of the continent of Avistan, but there is no need to add the Belor Hemlock article to Category:Avistan/Inhabitants, because this is such a broad category that is it not useful to browse through.


Seriously, Brandingopportunity, you give me more credit than is my due and raise a good question. The category trees were already set up when I joined. What I attempted to do was bring some consistency to what was a Maelstrom of chaos. There were over 500 missing categories, if I remember correctly too. I concentrated on the structure which I elaborated in Help:Creating category pages, which is still authoritative and widely used.

How people add categories to a page is another matter: it is still inconsistent and, with Help pages as above, that is little surprise. As we approach 10,000 pages, decisions made when the wiki was smaller may now be sub-optimal. I can tell you my personal preference; and that is: it is pointless to categorize a small pub in a small village as anything more than [Category:MinorHamlet/Locations]. Also putting said pub in [Category:Region/Locations] and/or [Category:Nation/Locations] is clutter. Because of the Help pages, I have not felt able to change these, though. On some pages said pub may also be in [Category:Nation]. More clutter, and I usually delete these when I find them. However, there is no definitive guide nor decision, so we cannot moan. Indeed, one help page (see above) encourages such anti-Wikipedia-style behaviour. Perhaps a policy change and tidy up is now needed? However, at some point, a decision for multi-tier categorization must have been taken and was then documented; that decision was probably made for very good reasons I am missing. Others may be able to enlighten us?

Any change would necessitate a huge amount of work to get us consistent. Plus there does seem to be consistency in some areas, for instance, on classes where we place a 'Fighter 4' into [Category:Fighters] and [Category:Fighters of 4th level]. This feels less wrong. Plus the help pages are specific and consistent about this.

To your specific point, my preference (as I can offer no more than that until the Help pages are made consistent) is that Kintargo should be in [Cheliax/Settlements] and does not need to be in [Category:Cheliax]. There are many Chelish settlements in both of course.

Finally, ever heard the expression 'ground hog day'? See Forum:Categories about people inconsistency from a young and confused fleanetha, vintage Jan 2011.

I usually make sure that the settlement is included, if someone what to know where that is, they only need to go to the settlement's page.... but while we're at it - should Category:Schools Category:Universities and Category:Arcane colleges be under some overarching category?