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As someone who is very irregular in thier posting, and likewise, someone who hasn't done many of the date pages, should we add a category for events relating to the pathfinder society? It seems that many of the campaign setting books are beginning with a 'pathfinder field report' lately, describing possible leads related to the theme of the book. Where I feel most of these won't fit in an established category listed in Help:Writing an article about a year I started wondering to myself if pathfinders should have their own category so that the MISC one doesn't grow unwieldy. any other thoughts?

Works for me - good idea.

I have no idea what you two are talking about. Can you provide an example?

Allow me to answer but, if I get this wrong, I am sure our Captain will correct me. If you look at the help page referenced, you'll find we have 11 'categories' for events, for instance, conflicts, deaths, births and, of course, misc, that are used to classify events in a particular year. Cpt kirstov is suggesting we add a twelfth for events associated with the Pathfinder Society to avoid many of them filling up the aforementioned misc category.

While I am here and as this is a generically titled forum post, 'in-fiction' is used just once for 4413 AR and I think it could be deleted. I have a very vague recollection that it was going to be used to log events in the Pathfinder Tales line, but that would be inappropriate now and those events should be logged as normal under standard categories.

On the help page's talk page, Help_talk:Writing an article about a year, there is a good discussion from 2012 that seemed to go nowhere. The idea of realigning the colours to match, where possible, the infoboxes still seems a good one. The standardization suggested fits with the idea of template pages Oznogon was designing too.

Yup, Fleanetha has it right. I noticed it when starting working on the index for Lost Treasures. Take a look at the events on 4681 AR, I think things like the second one should be in a 'Pathfinders in _(year)___' heading. Right now we don't have much that would have to change, but with the number of in person notes going about as introductions to chronicles books, that may change.
I actually disagree that we should create new categories. If we make a Pathfinders category, why don't we have a Hellknights, Aspis Consortium, or Red Mantis category? I'd rather err on the side of too few categories than too many. They stop being useful when we have too many of them, in my opinion.
My thought was that with more content being told from the society's viewpoint (see the mention of the introductions to the chronicles line above) we will soon have more dates related to the pathfinder's exploits than we will conflicts. In this vein I was just thinking to avoid the inevitable 'this year has 1 conflict and 20 misc entries, 18 of which are related to the pathfinders, since I didn't care about the society's exploits, I missed the 2 relevant entries to my research' maybe just grouping them within the Misc heading would serve the same purpose?

Here's another idea which pulls together 3 themes above: we introduce a new year category called 'in-organizations', which will include, therefore, Pathfinders plus Yoda's list. It gets over the problem of 'misc' bloat but also brings these year categories more in line with the infobox structure and the recolouring project from 2012. I vote it replaces 'in-fiction', which I still think is defunct. Indeed, if I am wrong above, then it must be to do with in-Golarion fiction, which strikes me as far too narrow and should be then replaced by something like 'in-art'.

Let's add this lost discussion to this debate too (resurfaced last night): Talk:4438 AR. Another case where aligning with infoboxes works well and depopulates Misc.

I agree, {{yearbox/in-organizations}} could be useful; I've put it up with a proposed design. It's worth noting that adding in-organizations would precipitate moving events from other categories across the timeline, so it might be useful to inventory such events.

Thanks that looks good. I like the managing the move idea too but have little feel for the size of the job. I think it is a manual cut and paste so who is interested in claiming a time period to own the updates?