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Do you have an established method for distinguishing people and place with the same name?

For instance, in Whitethrone there is a Royal Palace - there are presumably many Royal Palaces in Golarion. Similarly I noticed in Absalom there is a Westgate and an Eastgate - I am guessing many towns and cities have these - the one I live in has both, for instance, but the links take you straight to Absalom information.

Similarly, for people: how do we distinguish between two characters with the same name. I have chosen in the Winter Witch/Index to append 'of White Rook' to the residents of that village to distinguish them from anyone else with the same name but this is not their actual name as per the book, for instance, the book just refers to 'Uwe'. I thought of using [[Uwe of White Rook | Uwe]] but didn't see the point in the end when 'Uwe of White Rook' seemed fine on its own. I have more problems with the Varisians as they have no fixed abode and 'Vira of Varisia' is a little grand for a minor character, yet Vira is likely to be a common name. Again, 'Bettina of Korvosa' is too grand sounding and there may well be a number of Bettinas of Korvosa in the long run.

Thanks for any pointers / advice.

I think it's best to deal with this on a case by case basis. We haven't come across a lot of examples of this so far, so it hasn't been much of an issue. I like your idea of adding a place name in cases where there are duplicates. For the most part, people have been given last names in the source material. We also have not generally been creating pages for minor characters who only have one name. This will change of course as we deal more with minor characters in the novels. As stated above, I think for the moment we should handle this on a case by case basis. Always check to see if a page with a given name already exists. If it does, look at both examples and see how best they can be identified.

I don't think we should add the "of Korvosa" or "of White Rock" into the actual page and name title, as that would seem to indicate that this is what the person is actually called if you met them on the street. In the past, when we've had to distinguish Katapesh the city from Katapesh the country, for instance, we've simply added "(city)" after the page title for the city only and left the country name title as is. That may be something we want to do in these cases as well. In cases where we have duplicate names for individuals, we should probably add the settlement name in brackets after their name in both cases.
This issue is addressed in the disambiguation and naming convention policies, although in a rather round-about way. It comes down to a judgment call on a case by case basis. My opinion is that even if an article name seems like it may be fairly common, it should be named simply (which is to say Bettinas instead of Bettinas of Korvosa (which should probably be Bettinas (Korvosan resident) according to the naming policy at any rate)). If a more important character with that name comes up in a leter product then we can deal with it later, re-arranging article titles as needed.