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Forum:Double redirect on home page

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Forums: Grand Lodge > Double redirect on home page

This was left on our Facebook page today:

"Hi, you have a redirect on

It redirects to this URL:

That URL redirects to this URL (or shows the contents of this URL):

That would seem to be adding an extra page refresh to the server load. You might want to get someone to check the admin settings, so that they can cut out the middle page."

Would someone who has more backend knowledge of the website (sounds dirty, doesn't it?) take a look and see if this is a problem? Thank you!
It's not a big deal (it only happens when somebody navigates specifically to, though I suppose that it is less than ideal. I can't seem to find exactly where it's happening, but the headers lead me to believe that it might be happening in the bowels of the MediaWiki code. I think we can let this slide, though I will keep an eye out for where it's happening.
It's not in the base file where we set the site logo, custom namespaces, and such?