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I've been going through recent releases (since I got hired at Paizo) bringing their product pages and bringing them in line with previous pages in terms of format and content. Along the way, I've run into a quandary. Since Pathfinder 1, we've included each chapter of the Pathfinder's Journal as its own entry in an author's bio page (see Dave Gross for an example). But now that those chapters are being included as full ebooks, we run into the issue of possibly duplicating the same material a second time. Is this a problem?

Should we change how we handle the Journals? Should the chapters still be listed along with the full ebooks?


I don't think it's a problem. technically we could have the same issue with information from the gazeteer/campaign setting/inner sea guide, and so far I've been just adding a second ref to it. While those aren't exact copies, its good to reference both when possible, so a guest who wasn't around for pathfinder 1 can know that the Eando Kline story is still available to them. Especially with things like the Eando Kline and serpent's skull fiction, where they were more collaborative pieces than one author, I think it would be important to include both, because it's not like the author wrote the entire story. Just my 2 cp
There's a difference between giving someone like Erik Mona a different credit line for both the Gazetteer and the Campaign Setting and the Inner Sea World Guide as these are all different books. But, if the Thuvia chapter were identical in all three books and then credited to Erik in each book the same way we call out who wrote which section of the "of Golarion" or "Classic XX Revisited" lines, it gets repetitive. So I don't think that's a great example.

What I'm talking about is something like Hell's Pawns, where it is now a standalone product of the entire novella, available in digital format. Should that single literary entity (the full story) really constitute 7 lines of credits, just because it was originally released as 6 distinct chapters in 6 different books? While I get it for collaborative works like The Compass Stone or Prodigal Sons, it doesn't seem to make as much sense when one author has written the whole thing and it's then released as a complete work. We don't, after all, credit someone with each chapter of the Pathfinder Tales web fiction stories. They're all listed and linked to in the specific story page (ie. "Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver") but not on Erik's credits page. Someone can see that he wrote that entire story, and then get information on how the chapters were originally released on the product page, which will ultimately include information on the ebook product when it becomes available.

My concern is simply that we're blowing some people's credits pages way beyond their actual scope simply because of the method in which their work is released and aren't doing so consistently across similar situations. Dave Gross's page will, after he finished Husks in Jade Regent have 12 lines that will eventually be covered by two lines: Hell's Pawns and Husks (ebook versions).

I see what you mean, I was thinking more of the ref links and not the author pages (it was early in the morning, so sue me) As long as the product page for the ebook version lists what APs it originally, came for I think it works either way.