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Who is up for something a bit social?! Why don't we book in our diaries an PathfinderWiki Editing Night when we can all 'get together' and tackle a little piece of unloved wiki? As a starter suggestion, each attendee could choose a country that needs updating from the Dragon Empires Gazetteer. If you have a look at the PathfinderWiki:Dragon Empires Gazetteer Inclusion Initiative you'll see not one Tian Xia nation has been formally finished (although some are pretty well done but need checking and ticking off, Bachuan, for instance); most are stubs. If a whole country is too much or too scary for you, then choose something else off the list, say a god, for instance or an ethnicity. Everything will help and also aid with Forum:9,000 for 2014 too.

Let's start with Wednesday 23rd October (next Wednesday) and I suggest people add below what they are willing to tackle to avoid any nasty data integrity problems of the same page being updated at the same time.

Also, perhaps, others might suggest some areas of the wiki where a concerted joint effort would pay dividends for future PathfinderWiki Editing Nights.

Another great idea, Fleanetha! Wednesday the 23rd is actually a good date, but since we all live in very different time zones (I live in GMT -8), I would suggest that we make it a PFWiki Day of Editing instead. Also, this might be a good time to introduce a PFWiki chat option. How hard would it be to install the MediaWiki chat extension that we mentioned in a previous thread?
I suggest emailing Aeakett regarding the extension as he handles that. If there are technical issues preventing it from being added or it can't be done in that time-frame, a Google hangout in a separate tab would likely do the same thing.

As for the 23rd, I'll be traveling across country that day and likely won't be available for any edit I can't make from my cell phone, so consider me unavailable for the hackathon. Have a great time without me, though!

I'm in my 6th and final week of my exile, I mean business trip, to Louisiana. I've not got a good method of editing much right now, but I think this is a great idea. If we decide to so this again, I look forward to being able to participate!
Hmm, it seems two of the most frequent editors can't make the 23rd. Is there a day near those dates that are better, or should we just push ahead with the date to get things started? Also, as much as info on Tian Xia needs updating, perhaps we should spend our first day on the older Inner Sea World Guide Inclusion Initiative? Actually, now that I write this I realize that one topic is really as good as any other. Does everyone own copies of the Dragon Empires Gazetteer, Dragon Empires Primer, or the Jade Regent (adventure path)?
I'm all for this and am available the 23rd. If nothing else I want to get rid of the red links on Bachuan.

Chances of a full house were remote, so I say let's go for it on Wednesday; keep with PathfinderWiki:Dragon Empires Gazetteer Inclusion Initiative for then as we know all 3 of us so far involved have these references, but plan some more events with other ideas for later. If we can make it more social, despite the time zones, even better, but I'll have to leave that tech to others, unless we Skype - that I understand. I am tempted by Amanandar and Shizuru in honour of my PFS samurai, but will give those up to anyone who wants them and pick something else. I am also tempted by the ethnicities. Choices choices...

Not to tell others what to do, but I have a task that you guys might consider as a to-do for your editing day. When running a series of routine scripts with YodaBot today, I came across a very long list of Broken Redirects that I'd normally just remove (using the script). Rather than undo the work someone's already done in making these redirects, perhaps someone would like to go through the listed redirects and create even a stub for each of the target articles? This would fix both the existing broken redirects as well as generate new pages to help get us to that 9,000 article goal we set for ourselves. Just a thought.

Some great ideas here then so far; it does look like we'll need further Editing Days:

Any more?

I have 2 indexes to finish. I'll try to connect in and finish the woundworld one, and get a few of the red links from Special:WantedPages up.
Okay, since the wikichat is not up yet, let's use Skype to chat with each other. I would suggest we use the "instant message" function to create a group text chat that we can all participate in. I think this is better than voice or video chat, as people can come in and out and still see what the conversation has been about. Does that work for everybody, or is there a chat method that works better? If it does work, we'll have to all add each other as "contacts". If you'd like to participate in the chat tomorrow, please add the following name: alex.greenshields. I'll try to start the chat early and add people to the group chat as people send me their "friend requests". See you all tomorrow!
The 23rd is here! Skype is open on my computer if you want to join and chat. If I don't respond right away, I am probably just away from my computer for a bit. Check back in 30 mins or so. I just checked "Recent changes", and it seems our recent record for new main pages (non-talk, non-category) is 24, I believe. Can we create more than 24 new pages today? I think we can.
Guess who splurged for in-flight Internet? I can't promise I'll be able to do much on the plane (likely to fall asleep) but will be in Skype and on the site as I'm able and conscious.

Right work done; children in bed; where to start?

Well that was fun. We have already added some more of Dragon Empires Gazetteer to the wiki and Yoda8myhead, Brandingopportunity and I have been merrily chatting away on Skype through the evening, which has added a nice social element to the event. The latter two of us have also been diligent with our children, while the former has been enjoying the high life. I decided to take on Shizuru and have actually sucked every piece of info I could find out about her and placed on her page here, not just the DEGII stuff. Well, it's after midnight here so I shall say good night as starting Amanandar is probably a bridge too far for me. I see Filby has arrived so I shall virtually hand over my baton to him now as he tackles red links in Bachuan. Enjoy the rest of our first Editing Day, and I hope we can have some more soon, as there are lots of good ideas to tackle. To not be greedy, could someone else pick up the (completely minimal) effort please of organizing the next date and choosing a subject? Marvellous!

I had kind of a long, tiring day at work, so I can't say I'll get much done. That said, I'm sure I'll get in a few editing binges in the days to come. Looking forward to more Editing Days when I have a day off.--Filby (talk) 23:59, 23 October 2013 (UTC)
I just got in - anyone still in the groupchat?
Thanks to everyone who participated in our first PFWiki Day of Editing! It was nice to chat with everybody, especially Yoda8myhead as he was flying across the country. Let's try this again soon. Shall we say once a month? If so, what is a good day for everyone in November?

Tuesdays or Wednesdays are good for me this month, Brandingopportunity. Thanks for organizing the next one.

For November, I could now only do Thu 21, Mon 25, Tue 26, Thu 28 - how about anyone else? Yoda8myhead are you flying any of those days?

I will be working on Thu 21 and Mon 25, so my editing time will be limited by official Paizo business. I am flying east on the red-eye on the night of Tue 26, and Thu 28 is a holiday and I will be spending it gorging myself on lots of unhealthy food with my in-laws. So I'd prefer Mon 25, as my wife won't be home that night and I will be free to edit into the wee hours without disturbing her. I would be available for editing at roughly 7pm PST until something like 2 am at the latest.

PFWiki Day of Editing II

I'm game: it would seem daft to lose a chance of 7 hours* of yoda8myhead on the wiki - let's do it. Who else is on for Monday 25 November? Plus we need a theme and I chose last time, so someone else's turn. Unfortunately, an 8 hour time difference means you and I won't be able to chat, though, as 7pm start for you would be way past my bed time.

*As you will have been at work all day, we'll allow you a couple of 5 minute breaks.

I'll participate, hopefully get more than the 2 article I did last time

Great to have you on board Cpt - that's 3 of us now for definite. Looking back, 2 articles is two more than I created last time I am embarrassed to say. I just tinkered with existing pages. This time a red-link fest is called for of some description I think.

I'm in. Realistically I'll only be able to devote a couple of hours from my EST evening, but I think I should be able to crank out a couple of articles in that time.

Judging from Special:WantedPages, it seems to me that our biggest source of red links is currently the Magnimar infobox, so I'll suggest that as our focus.

sounds good I started yesterday working on the pathfinder comics pages, I think I'm going to concentrate on those if I have time this week. They are just short enough that I can mine them in my free time.
I can also participate on the 25th (next Monday!) and suggest that instead of a theme tied to a book or a subject matter, we simply have a "#DeathtoRedLinks" theme and try to create as many new articles as possible. What do others think?

How many XP do I get for killing a red link? Do I get to keep the treasure, or do we have a party fund for all those active on the night?

I am thinking of tackling the broken redirects mentioned by yoda above as I made 90% of them and feel guilty but I reserve the right to change my target. [There are 86 of them today as the baseline for post Monday reckoning.] I might have a go at the Earth links as I did a bit of research when doing User:Fleanetha/Sandbox (Reign of Winter). The Template:Magnimar navbox is also a bit of fun.

If any of our newer editors want to get involved, we had a Skype chat running last time and I hope will again this time, so it would be a great opportunity to ask all your questions about helping out in a very informal setting. We could even work together on a page if you wish, so you can see some of the elements that go into making a page.

I'm overcoming my computer problems and think I can join in. I've had the Magnimar navbox in my sights for a while now and plan to work there.
I'll be joining sporadically on Monday as I have family visiting, but I will certainly be available for Skype chat when I am near my computer. My Skype address is listed above in the posts about the previous Day of Editing.

Well the day begins and I shan't be editing until later but this is a stake in the ground to say at the start we had 8,624 articles. Let's see how many we have at the end of the 'day' - shall we say sometime around this time tomorrow as some may edit late.

PFWiki Day of Editing II starts!

Well am getting ready now and have decided I am going to start adding stubs for all the named and statted people in Rule of Fear that are absent from the Wiki. That's 24 new pages. This may take the whole night and even longer, we'll see, but it needs doing.

I have texted Brandingopportunity via the Skype address above ( alex.greenshields ) and suggest others do the same when on-line to join a group text chat.

I'm not sure how active I am going to be today.... I came home yesterday to my desktop saying that the CPU fan wasn't working, so it won't let me boot my desktop up. I still have my laptop, but all of my PDFs are on the desktop.
I'll join the Skype session later tonight. As a sign of good faith I've posted a couple of short articles.

Well I shall say good night to all and wish you success in the hours to come. Fifteen articles have been added to the wiki already today, so let's hope there are many more to come. Enjoy the 'day'.

Sorry I haven't been around more today, but my day turned out busier than I thought it would. Glad to see that some good work got done!
I'm on Skype for the evening if anybody would like to chat while I edit and binge on Doctor Who.
What Doctor Who are you binging on? I have been doing a fair bit of that in the last few weeks, and just started another full-series watch from Unearthly Child, this time watching all the extras and commentary and such on the DVDs when I go through them.
We just started re-watching the new series on Netflix. This time we're going to watch all of the webisodes as we go, and maybe interleave Torchwood too.
Well, that does it for me tonight. Six articles is the most productive that I've been around here in a while. Hopefully the west coast crew will come online soon and rack up a couple of more. Good work everybody!

Well done Andrew - you'll be catching up that User:Aeakett-spamtest1 in no time - and it was good having a little chat earlier. I am back now and will do a little more now before work. Is anyone still on-line? I can also say that this weekend has been Time Lord dominated, including 'Unearthly Child'. The last time I saw that series was for the 20th Anniversary celebrations. That makes me feel old.

Well I don't think I can extend Editing Day any more so have failed in my task - these things just take a lot longer than you think. I have 5 personages left to do and will do so shortly. But the wiki now has 8,649 articles meaning the PFWiki Day of Editing II created 25 new pages: not bad. I'll calculate what this means for our year end target elsewhere. Thanks to all who helped and supported and I quite enjoyed having the time set aside rather than finding a few minutes here and there as normal. I think we might do another one - hope so.

While we may not have a goal to work against any more, that doesn't mean we can't still have these! I have Friday off from my job, so in between loads of laundry I'm going to be on here and on Skype as much as I can be. Anyone want to join me?
I'm a bit tied up unpacking from my move, but I'm hoping to actually hoping to finally be able participate in one of these. How else will we get to 10,000 by June 30? ;)