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4709 is upon us, my fellow scribes of the exploits of the Pathfinders!

This morn I had a vision of a glowing angel who descended from on high to tell me that we are tasked from the good deities of Golarion to do all in our power to increase the article count of this fine site to at least 1000 articles listed on the main page by the end of 4708! I have faith that we can do it, but it will require everyone's help. So roll up those sleeves, crack those knuckles, store up the mountain dew reserves and let's get this done.

In the name of Sarenrae, may it be so!

I jotted down a piece on the "Four Pharaohs of Ascension" and submitted it. Unfortunately, I'm a wikki newbie so the links are non-existent. If anyone wants to clean it up, please go ahead! (Feel free to fix any other mistakes) I'll learn it eventually. . .


P.S. Awesome project guys! A very cool idea.

Damn, its a pity I hadn't started contributing until recently, was the target reached?
It was. But edits and additions are helpful all year long and your enthusiasm hasn't gone unnoticed. Thanks for all your contributions thus far and I hope you continue to make them. Welcome to the wiki!
yeah,we ushered in the new year with 1001 so it was close
Here's hoping its 2002 next year! :D
If we can keep things moving at the current rate, we're well on our way. :D