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I am working on a FAQ to help out new users in my sandbox. I'd ask anyone who wants to to help format it, add to it, edit it, and organize it as you see fit. Just cause it's in my user space doesn't mean we can't all work on it. I want it to cover as many bases as it can and still be navigable and functional as an FAQ. When it gets to the right place, we can put it in the main namespace and link to it from the Main Page.
I'd like to get this live in the next week or so to encourage new users to participate. If anyone can think of additional questions that come up a lot, or which might not come up but which will encourage others to become Chroniclers, feel free to make edits to the page. I'll probably take it live over the weekend unless we decide it's ready to go up sooner.
Since I changed the sidebar to the left, linking to the FAQ, I've gone ahead and moved it from my sandbox to PathfinderWiki:FAQ. Please make any changes to the document there.