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Hey all,

I wanted to get some opinions/information about a question that I had. With the faction changes that happened with Season 4 of the Pathfinder Society Campaign, I wanted to add more information about the factions that are (and were) represented with the society. However, after looking into the current layout of the factions, the only information we have is the information provided by Josh Frost back in 2008 when he described the 5 "country" factions (Taldor, Osirion, Andoran, Cheliax, and Qadira). We have no information about the other 5 factions (Silver Crusade, Lantern Lodge, Shadow Lodge, Sczarni, and Grand Lodge). I wanted to ask and see how much data I could grab out of all of the faction books (Pathfinder Society Primer, Pathfinder Society Field Guide, Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play) . I know about the no "crunch" rule, so I wanted to see what people's thoughts were on what can and can not be pulled out of those books. With the factions, ONLY for Pathfinder Society play (And the one-off Adventure Path, Shattered Star) it seems to me that most of it is crunch.

The only information that Mark Moreland, Josh Frost and Mike Brock have mentioned on the Paizo Blog is just an overview of the later 5 factions that I don't think would go well in the Pathfinder Wiki. Does anyone have any ideas on the best way to provide information on the factions without breaking the "crunch" rule?


Hey Sarrick, good question. You can only take text verbatim from the blog posts. Anything else would need to be paraphrased.

As for what should/could go in an article on a faction, I think an overview of some of the faction's past and present goals, its conflicts with other factions, and the sorts of people who belong to them. Faction head letters have been a thing for a few years now, and those are all posted by their respective leader alias on the Paizo boards in the Faction Talk subforum. Recounting the various metaplots for each faction over the course of the last six seasons might be a good step toward creating an overview of the campaign's/a season's metaplot as well, which is something people have been asking for on the wiki for some time.

I wouldn't be too concerned about crunch, as so little of the factions are actually crunch-based. The traits and prestige awards available to each can easily be described in crunchless terms, as the crunch in them only exists to support their flavor anyway.