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Just starting this to keep track of fan art that we have permission to use that either doesn't have a page yet, or may not fit for an article yet, but may be usable in the future.

First 2 links:


I figured it would be better to have the permission in the thread while the artist is posting, this way if we want to use said art later, we wont have to track down permission, thats why I'm asking about permission as I come across them
This is a good idea. The specific art you've linked to might not be the wiki's style though. It's good, but we should keep in mind that our resource should maintain some level of continuity of style and to date we really don't have anything of either style.
Yeah, i relized that, the main ones i was looking at was the maps on the first one for now, while they arnn't the same as the ones we have, but they are decently in line with maps characters may come across