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In the near future, I'm going to start putting together some blog posts to appear on featuring snippets of articles pulled from PathfinderWiki. These will be about the length of our current Featured Article templates on the main page or a little longer. They'll link to the wiki for more information as a means of driving traffic to the site, and to add some legitimacy to the work we do here. One benefit of this is that it means we can feature articles that currently have no art, so that when I feature them, they will get art!

What I'd rather not do, is have all the articles written by me. I think it would be great to clean up an article or two written by other Chroniclers, and give the primary author of the article credit on the blog. So if anyone has some suggestions for the first few of these, I'd love to hear them. Something Osirion-themed might be good to put out in the next few weeks, as the Mummy's Mask AP is launching. Also pieces about topics we know Paizo has art of that isn't currently covered by the CUP. Once we've decided on a few articles for feature, I'll work to clean them up and we can get them ready for their big debuts.

How exciting and good news Yoda8myhead. I'll give this some more thought, but will document my usual art requests here once more as a reminder and some new stuff too:

  • articles that'd bring in the new banner art we see in the Pathfinder Player Companion series like we did with Magnimar - Sothis would get two ticks for this (picture in People of the Sands p18f.) and for being an Osirian article, for instance.
  • Holy/Unholy symbols of deities not in the CUP - Empyreal lords especially and the demon lords' unholy symbols (not the runes we already have) recently depicted in Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path articles.
  • The new map of the Abyss especially but any of the new style of in-world maps
  • Portraits of the famous
  • Maps - the detailed country maps would be perfect for the Wiki

This is really great news and could bring a lot more traffic to the wiki. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • let's feature articles that have a fair amount of sources, as this is really where the wiki shines: synthesizing lots of different sources to create a coherent and well-written whole.
  • let's plan these articles out a few months to give us time to really polish them
  • I have mixed feelings about listing a main author, as that seems to detract from the very idea of a wiki (many hands working together)
Do we know how often these will be appearing in the Paizo Blog, Yoda? Will this become a regular thing, or just a "every once in a while" thing?

Overnight thought: as a slightly different approach, could we hypertext the weekly fiction pieces to point at the PathfinderWiki? I know we cannot bring the text here but this initiative raises new possibilities of taking the PathfinderWiki to Paizo. It would also be pretty useful to any reader, I'd say. We might have to find a way to distinguish blue and red links at Paizo to avoid disappointment but we could have an 'advert' asking for help completing any red links readers may find.

In response to Brandingopportunity's post above, I too like the team spirit rather than the highlighting of a particular 'main' author approach.

Great news!

I think the chances of us getting integrated links from Paizo blogs to the wiki are very, very slim. That said, we could easily do one of these articles on a topic that tied closely to an upcoming or recently released work of fiction. Something involving skinwalkers or the Lands of the Linnorm Kings might be a good fit for one now that Skinwalkers is out and there's an ongoing piece of web fiction starring Jendara. Whatever it is, it would be something that would be as regular as we wanted them to be, assuming there was space in the schedule for them. But since we're now doing weekend blogs, I think we could fit one in a month to start, easily. And a second one a month if we could put them together fast enough.

I hear you guys on the primary author credits. I thought it might be nice to give folks some ownership of the work they/you/we do on the site. It can be, as Alex can attest, an in-road to actual RPG writing credits. But I completely get your pov on it as well.

As for the first article, let's get Sothis as polished as we can, which shouldn't be too hard now that it has a whole section of Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs detailing it. Do you think we can do so by the end of the weekend? I'd love to be able to send the blog to Jenny on Monday.

Ok re Sothis - I can help a little. I'll start later sorting a category structure for the 16 districts which people can use. Is it worth assessing what needs doing and assigning tasks to avoid duplication of effort and to ensure we know what is needed for Monday? Also if we all work on one page there is a risk of data integrity - save often everybody! Don't work on the page for several hours as you'll end up having to manually do a lot of work if the page has moved on since you started. I've learnt this the hard way. Don't assume when you hit the save page button that your page has been saved - if the page has since changed, the wiki will prompt you accordingly and will not save your changes so check for that - you then have to manually work around the other person's edits.

I shall also make a template navbox like we have for some other cities.

One method to avoid editing over each other is to make a quick edit by adding an invisible note in a subsection you plan to be working in, immediately under the header that says "Yoda8myhead is working on this subsection." Save that edit so others see it when they attempt to edit while you're in that section. Then, just edit that single subsection. Others editing other subsections won't conflict with your edits, and as long as everyone's "checking out" their respective sections, and working in individual sections rather than the whole article, conflicting edits should be minimized. Once you're done with a section, remove your invisible note and save it, allowing others to edit that section now that you no longer have it open on your edit screen.

Template and basic category structure done - I don't propose to make every city district combination of subcategories now but will make further ones as we need them within the structure already applied. The template only includes material from the Sothis chapter in Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs including the map on p36: please add to it now. I have added the template to each relevant, existing wiki page but not actually updated any of those pages with any new information from Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs. However, I did not see the point of adding an {{Update}} to each of these pages as, I hope, others will add this data as we work through the weekend. {{u}} templates are now added as appropriate to these Sothis related pages. --Fleanetha (talk) 16:09, 11 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello Yoda8myhead, adding a codicil here for asking you to encourage your colleagues please to add the holy symbols of the Osirian pantheon from Empty Graves into the CUP so we can add them here to the wiki pages. Thanks

PS: Also I think the Hellknight symbol on p15 of Champions of Balance is new and also a worthy addition to the CUP and then wiki please.

To add to Fleanetha's post - the Centerfold map of the Sellen River from People of the River would be awesome as blog art