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Any of the frequent contributors or admins planning on going to GenCon? I ask because in the unlikely event that PathfinderWiki wins the ENnie, it would be nice for someone to go up and say something nice to the people there.
Well, I'll be there, but I get enough accolades for the wiki. I'd love for someone who doesn't work for Paizo to be able to accept it should we win.
Not this year, buying a house took all of my Con $ away from me
I'm sure you've all assumed, but for the record, I won't be going.

That's the spirit, Brandingopportunity - plan for success. Alas I shall not be there this year, so I cannot take up the suggestion myself.

My pessimism is not misplaced. We're competing with websites that appeal to ALL tabletop gamers (i.e. are not game- or setting-specific). We only appeal to a fraction of those gamers/voters, so I'm guessing it's just a matter of the math being against us.

Actually your pessimism was, in fact, misplaced.

PathfinderWiki takes Gold!

Indeed! I was proud to accept the award on behalf of all Chroniclers, and thanked Alfred as the wiki's founder and all Admins whose real names I knew. I hope the win brings an influx of attention and some new editors, but even if it doesn't, it's still a huge honor. I am really shocked we beat out the competition, and that a fan site of free content made by a handful of volunteers could win against the pay-to-use official site of Dungeons & Dragons. Holy cow, I'm still in shock. I'll get a scan of the certificate and pics of the medal and we'll post them and then figure out how the site and community can share them, as it wasn't just my award.

Truly remarkable - well done everyone; what excellent, affirming news. I hope this attention means we can get more editors, but we must have a lot of readers for all our work, which is good to know.

Glad to be proven wrong :)

I'll be honest, I was becoming discouraged by wiki work lately; several projects I've worked on recently have slowly died out due to no support from the communities they served. I enjoy contributing to wiki projects, but was beginning to feel there was no point if no one was going to make use of my work.

This award is exactly what I need to renew my interest. This project beat some big-name game resource sites. It demonstrates people use and appreciate the work being done here. Any contributions I make are going to be utilized. They are going to support the game community. Wiki work can seem both tedious and thankless at times, but this qualifies as an epic pat on the back.

Yoda8myhead, do you know if there was any video taken of the award ceremony so we can see the ENnie for Pathfinder Wiki?


We are remiss: it occurred to me this morning that we have placed no thank you to all the people who voted for us in the Ennies and we should do that. I remember from the time of the upgrades there were 2 files that could be edited to place a banner across all pages (one option) or we could place a note on the front page. (I like the banner idea better as many may not come into the wiki from the main page.)

Here is my suggested text:

'We, the editors of the Pathfinder Wiki, would like to thank everyone who voted for us in the 2012 ENNIES. We are stunned to win the Gold Award and delighted so many of you find the Pathfinder Wiki valuable. We also challenge you to join us as an editor and help make the Pathfinder Wiki even better!'

You may change the words, but the sentiment should be published; if someone could point me at the banner page or add it there themselves I'd be most grateful.

Site notices have been updated for both logged-in and anonymous users. Thanks for the suggestion, Fleanetha.

Thank you Yoda8myhead and I finally click why we have two banner types. Nice contrast in the wording.