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So how do we keep the momentum going, now that the contest is over?
I hope our winners put their store credits toward the purchase of material they can then add to the project, or that they simply realized the non-material benefits of working on the wiki and continue doing so after the contest ended. I think continuing to use the facebook group and twitter can remind people we're still here, but beyond that, we can't really make people edit.
I wasn't thinking so much about ways of making people edit, more about how one inspires and motivates. Twitter and Facebook are good ways of advertising, but we don't have too many posts there, and don't do them all that frequently. Is there a regular column or blog there that we could start to draw more people in? Perhaps those of us who create new articles could write a short article on how that given subject fits into the setting as a whole?

Also, what can we do to increase readership of the wiki? The more people read the wiki the greater chance of someone creating an account here and contributing. Is there a natural way we could fulfill a need that already exists? What can we do to to appeal to GMs running the APs or the Mods? How do we appeal more to folks just wanting to use Golarion as a generic setting? What can we do to make the cite more useful to players without including tons of crunch?

It seems that there are two ways (that I can think of) of using the wiki: you either have a Paizo publication in front of you or you don't. How do these groups differ in how they approach the information here and how do we appeal to them?

Sorry, I am tired and my point seems to be wandering quite a bit here.
If you have a book in front of you: you're most likely going to be looking for information on a specific topic (say there's a mention of Snowflake moth, and you want to figure out what that is for instance). The one thing I can think of to get this type of user to read and come back more, would be if there were a easier way for people to request a specific page to be written - a form emailing a group of the core chroniclers maybe? Is this possible within the wiki? If the form included the person's email, we could even email them back when the page was written...

If you Don't have a book in front of you: You're most likely going to be using the portals: mostly Geography and Religion to build characters, adventures, or accurate story-lines. To be honest, finishing the CSII is prolly the most important for making the wiki important for these users, as are the bigger, wider reaching articles that span multiple regions. It allows a player writing a background more ideas on how his character may react to creature X.

Those are my two thoughts on these types of readers and how to best appease the writing styles. Sorry for any rambling.

I would find it useful to have the articles tied to links to a map so that we can more easily see how things fit together. Also, more articles dealing with points of interest for Adventure Paths, for those of us who do not own the Campaign Setting book or the Gazeteer. There are sadly too many empty links on some pages. For the adventure paths, is really useful to know information regarding the bordering areas. (Also, how do I associate my unregistered user posts with this new login?)
Aeakett has started putting together a tutorial on how to make maps to add to location pages. Unfortunately, it's a lot of work, and we can't crop or otherwise alter the official maps owned by Paizo, so creating our own artwork is the only way to do so. As for red links, they're just part of wikis, I'm afraid. I wrote a blog post about red links which and linking to supporting articles (here) which talks about some of what you're mentioning. I have addressed your question regarding anonymous edits on your talk page. Welcome, again, to PathfinderWiki!
Thank you for the answer and the welcome. Actually, I read that blog post- it was a good read. I guess the last take-away is that I think a good thing to focus on is whatever the most current three adventure paths are doing, or on areas that the newest products are referring to; because people like myself will come here to see if there is any information on that part of the world that they missed or forgot from the main books or from past adventures.
I think that's an excellent suggestion. We know now, for instance, that Serpent's Skull will take place in Sargava and the Mwangi Expanse, so covering those regions (especially when their respective sourcebooks come out) will help support that AP.