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Hello everybody. I am new to wiki editing, so please let me know if I am committing/ommitting any faux pas. I noted that upon pulling up the 'Mere of Broken Angels' link from 'wiki/Abaddon' that there is no information. Can anybody cite a source so that I may look up more information on this? I would be happy to encode a page for it when I have all the details. Thank you.

Hello and welcome ‎Leatherjones. A solid amount of information about the Mere of Broken Angels is found in Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Book of the Damned Volume 3 on p6.

So it is. Thank you Fleanetha.  :)
Page is now active at [1]
Hey Leatherjones! Welcome to the wiki and thanks for taking a stab at your first article.

I made some significant edits to the page to bring it more in line with the voice and style of other articles on the wiki. In general, we try to keep things less narrative and more encyclopedic to increase readability and usefulness of articles, and to make it easier to add more information from other sources at a later time. Prosaic or "purple" prose can make both of these difficult, and we don't generally use second- or first-person voices when writing, as no particular author or reader is assumed for the wiki.

I recommend taking a look at how other articles have been formatted and structured in the past and working to mimic that style in your contributions to the wiki. Feel free to look at the changes I made (including what elements I added wikilinks to, and how I used our premade Citation templates to cite the information's source), and work to implement similar style in your future edits. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have as you get acclimated to the project.