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Something interesting showed up in my Google Alerts today: (not linked becasue the last thing we want is to give them any more Google juice). Wow setting up dummy/blank wikis just for SEO (check the change summary), you stay classy Wikia.
So they were creating a fake page just to increase their status via Google and other search engines? If so, that's pretty low.
The worst part about it is that such keyword-friendly wikias won't actually increase users on their site, just people pissed off that their search for "DND Pathfinder Wiki" comes up with a completely useless ad-filled page. As long as they come here next, I'm ok with that, I guess. I wonder, though, if they're doing this one specifically in response to the drop off in traffic to PathfinderWiki, er, I mean "Golariopedia," after we forked.