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It is now 6:45am and I have stayed up all night and into the morning redesigning the main page. I used the mainpage columns tag to set everything up and incorporated code from other wikis, combining it with our own existing front page subtemplates as well as some others. There are still some red links that I'd have to fix and we might want to change some of the individual subtemplates or rearrange them. I also think we should set up a new category for News blogs so that those items can feed into the main page's bloglist. Anyway, I am going to bed now. Take a look at it in my sandbox and let me know what you think.
I like what you've done so far. It's starting to look a lot more dynamic, more alive than what we currently have.

For news blogs, I say keep the category simple; Category:PathfinderWiki news should be sufficient. I also moved your work to something I've used on another project, an editcopy. Because the main page is protected to avoid vandalism, the editcopy hosts a duplicate of its information. Anyone can edit this copy, try out new ideas, and an Admin can impliment beneficial changes to the actual main page. In a sense, it's a community sandbox.

The editcopy is a great idea. I don't know if you noticed, but I actually removed the highest tier of protection from the main page last night as well. While looking through various guides and help pages on making good Main Pages and wiki portals, I saw time and again that new editors seeing the main page as protected can be turned off from the project. I wonder if that's one reason our numbers have been relatively low for the life of the project. In any case, it is still protected from new and anonymous users. We shouldn't be making incomplete edits to the main page while it's live though, so the editcopy is a good idea in any case. Keeps people from pokin' about in my sandbox ;-D
I went ahead and did some work in the editcopy, eliminating a lot of code fragments I imagine resulted from incorporating things from various sources and cleaned things up in general. I also eliminated all of the div tags, as we can accomplish what we need to using the default table commands.
While this discussion has moved primarily to the editcopy talk page, I wanted to post here to emphasize the importance of us getting this done by the beginning of next week. I anticipate an influx in traffic with the release of the PRPG on Thursday and having a newly designed and impressive front page will be vital to doing so. So please contribute however you are able to the discussion or editing of the page or linked portals. Thanks!