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Forum:Massive fan-made maps of Iobaria, Brevoy, and the River Kingdoms

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Forums: Grand Lodge > Massive fan-made maps of Iobaria, Brevoy, and the River Kingdoms

By Narolas, posted to imgur and mentioned on the Paizo messageboards. Huge maps with versions showing political boundaries, houses of Brevoy, points of interest. Really great stuff! I've sent Narolas a forums PM asking to join PFW; I imagine these would potentially be covered under Incorporates CUP if he grants us permission to use them?

Hey, i've uploaded the two final versions of the map on the wiki (Or I think I have, the upload might have failed, if so let me know), feel free to put the licensing required and use them! I'm officially giving you permission to use these images, as long as i'm credited and all that. Glad to be here by the way :)

There are no new maps on the wiki. :-/

Strange, the upload goes to 100%, seems to load, then the "upload" page reloads but there's no sign of any new uploaded files. I've tried multiple times and nothing seems to work, the file is jpg, smaller than 50MB.

If anyone else wants to try to upload them, feel free, I don't know why it doesn't work for me : IgNebTG.jpg Jfz5fiI.jpg

My guess is that it knows the map tags are all in French. j/k, lemme see what I can do.

I can see the one Brevoy one now on the Brevoy page - these are wonderful maps User:Narolas - c'est magnifique!

350px does not do justice, though. I just added this alteration to the page to see what it looks like and I'd say that was better.

[[File:Map of Brevoy and its neighbors.jpg|center|A geographical map of Brevoy and its neighbors. [[:File:Political map of Brevoy and its neighbors.jpg|(Political map)]]]]

Revert if that is too much but I don't think so.

This could also get around the image needing such clunky formatting with the square bracket /colon combination at the end?

Finally, why is it in French when there is an English version plus a political map of Brevoy too with the crests of the families available?

I did revert the size of the image because it looked terrible with the reflexive skin with a narrow window size. Anyone who wants a closer look at the image can see it at higher resolution with a single click.

Ah mobiles - I often forget that issue. Shame it can't be bigger though but understood.

I'm so sorry, somehow I linked to the french versions on my Imgur account, here's the english versions : xExTlbw.jpg FGJUQ2u.jpg

Again sorry for the confusion

Alright, after reducing the files to less than 5 MB i could finally upload them, the maps are the proper english versions now.

Un grand merci Narolas.